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  1. That I did not see coming. I wish you the best of luck Bada.
  2. Yes. It's called find the worst or over used rap song then slap it on some raw clips. btw nice tage I guess.
  3. help is on the way.
  4. This is why I always fly. Come on, you know this. @Mason Statham
  5. Hey Chief, I don't know about this one.
  6. $15-20 would be more fair depending on how detailed you're going to get. Overall a few of your things are solid.
  7. I knew barely blocking wasn't the right word. I knew it would of led to this. What was I thinking, whoops..
  8. Possibly, but then I must of went through a lowered gate. Knowing Rick James and that group. He was working on moving that car before hand.
  9. I clearly understood that the HQ was on lockdown. I guess I would of never known by the cars barely blocking the front. Why in the world would I come back to troll? All I had to do was come back and shoot some cops to delay for the 1 minute, but I guess that didn't come to mind. As said in your previous message. Coming back to CONSTANTLY blow up your vehicles. You need to be more clear of who was doing that and who was not. I mean from you telling me I'm going straight to jail and about to add Attempted Manslaughter when I was shot out my car instantly. You need to pay more attention. It's done, but I just wanted to comment on this to clear things up. No need to make it a big deal.
  10. You really have no knowledge of what was actually going on then it seems. I died after being let go by being shot by my own guy, and came back with a car and barely bumped them to get through the gate once, and nothing blew up. You're just as clueless as the cops lethaling inside HQ at one minute.
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