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  1. dont let them get to you, dab on them haters! jake paulers 4 life @Erron White
  2. the majority of good people, he should have said
  3. 2:43 got me while i was reloading nice tage
  4. 100% deserved
  5. who the fuck is this kid? lmao
  6. some random kid made a 22 minute roast video on me so i destroyed him
  7. make sure to smack that scrubscribe button
  8. kid didnt even know what hit him
  10. response video is being uploaded stay tuned scrubscribers
  11. ok tage What the fuck happened to my song I hand picked for you?
  12. yeah I've had a problem joining server 3, I get status access violation errors. I've tried everything and it still takes many tries to get in without crashing. Pretty odd
  13. 25k
  14. @Cory B watch out we comin