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  1. Leaving for the army in about 2 weeks If any old pals out there wanna reminisce in the good ol' times, send me a pm Thanks for the memories Pce boys
  2. just change the aspect ratio and resolution lol
  3. 911 finally got someone in staff on their side. @YuSheng congrats old pal
  4. why did your brother cut his hair. he looks like charlie sheen.
  5. Steve my boy! Just cause your staff now doesn’t mean I don’t expect videos of your dog every now and then. @Steve
  6. its not a william montage if he doesnt orca drop on someone from the pilot seat.
  7. I know depression all too well. One time my mom broke my keyboard and the keys flew into my pasta. I wanted to kms. @Nomadox @Fudger @Steve @CRH @RobiN_
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