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  1. hey send me the discord you fucking virgins
  2. im drunk and i miss you guys what is this abnout lol lmao oookkkkkkkkk betttt @Fudger @Nomadox @House ;)
  3. In the army, bases are keeping us within a 75 mile radius so we dont travel too far, making us practice social distancing, keeping formations to a smaller size, dining facilities are making people take food to go so we cant sit in the actual facility, sanitizing a lot, and anyone that has the plague is being quarantined in their room. they understand its probably going to spread but in order to keep us mission ready, theyre trying to slow it down so we dont all get it at once. from what i understand, dudes that are coming back from deployment are being put into a 2 week quarantine before they
  4. I don't play Arma too much anymore but I do come on here to see whats new and how things are going. When this is the first thing i see when i come on here, it instantly makes me think about how when I am on my death bed and all I want is another 1 minute and 24 seconds with my children, I can't have it because you wasted my valuable time with this repulsive video you piece of absolute fucking dog shit.
  5. Leaving for the army in about 2 weeks If any old pals out there wanna reminisce in the good ol' times, send me a pm Thanks for the memories Pce boys
  6. just change the aspect ratio and resolution lol
  7. 911 finally got someone in staff on their side. @YuSheng congrats old pal
  8. why did your brother cut his hair. he looks like charlie sheen.
  9. Steve my boy! Just cause your staff now doesn’t mean I don’t expect videos of your dog every now and then. @Steve
  10. its not a william montage if he doesnt orca drop on someone from the pilot seat.
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