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  1. Hi Misty, welcome to Asylum! I'm sure everyone will welcome you will open arms here. If you are looking for a group to join, I recommend Stellar. We are a group of active players who love rp! By the way, I love watching anime too! I'm sure we can become great friends.
  2. ill join!!
  3. why cant we all just be friends?
  4. those kids are so gay its crazy
  5. can these community fees go to this person to help asylum? sounds experienced xd
  6. Asylum was one of the best communities I've ever been apart of, and some of the most fun I have had ever playing a game. From my first Kavala gangs a couple years ago to the gangs I've been in recently, I've had a blast through all of them. But I've seem to have lost interest in Arma for the most part at this point and have little motivation to play. I guess it's the right time, with Asylum being in a free fall and Olympus fights aren't as fun as Asylum's are, in my opinion. People say something or do something and end up taking a nap or reading a book for an hour or two. I'm still going to hang around with people from Asylum, and be on the forums, that won't change. But for the servers themselves, I want to say I'll return one day when Asylum picks back up and people fight cartels, the server doesn't crash, and we have full servers, but that doesn't seem realistic anymore, and hasn't for a while. Either way, I won't forget the fun I had here, and all the interesting people I met along the way. Thanks everyone for the fun experiences!
  7. welp
  8. big improvements from the first !!
  9. dont let them get to you, you are a fucking legend!!1!
  10. true classic song here
  11. people still play this game?
  12. both added xd
  13. well that just hurt my feelings
  14. thought id hop on the bandwagon and thank some of the guys who helped me get where i am! (nowhere) @Abel Winchester @ChicoXL - thanks for letting me into ravenwood a couple years ago, hopefully i wasnt as squeaky as you made me out to be @Alshiq Fatarra @BishopActual - thanks for letting me into your kavala gang new era 2.0 as well, helped me get back together after not playing for a year! @Marzoh - thanks for going through my shit at the beginning, and thanks for not banning me after telling me what combat stance was for about 100 times and me still not using it for about another 2 months. keep eating fatty @ChicoXL - also thanks for keeping up with my shit, also glad you accepted me into stellar even though the last time i talked i crashed your orca with about 10 other people in it! @Chester GoldPenis - all the times you've told me to shut the fuck up or yell at me for being retarded, i still am retarded. thanks a lot! @Squirtle - thanks for paying for the teamspeak for the past 7 months xd @tryhardsqueaker - i remember when you came straight out of core and became a trial in stellar, before you became good and everything. fun times!! @Dally - i still havent forgiven you for leaving for university, come back! @Tricks - you're hilarious and we've had some fun times, heres to many more! @pLayToy - im still gonna beat up your dumbass when we get to NYC, unblock me on TS too fag @Chungo - although you have no fingers, i still love you and although you may think im gay for watching anime now i hope you can look past that <3 @Spederino - when I move to sc we're gonna have a meetup and go shoot some guns @Keneith - pretty sure you were one of the only ones who tolerated me at the beginning of stellar, infinite thanks @UNDERC0VER - your dwunk ass made me laugh my ass off more times than i can count, and youre a good friend of mine, thanks a lot! @^Connor_K - ever since i met you in reliance, we've had some fun ass times! @Lorax - we've made some good memes together, and heres to many more! @Cory B, @Penguin_, @PublicEnemy - although we dont talk as much anymore reliance was fun for the time I was in it, and I hope we can become best friends again :-) @SafeMode, @X Jake - I hope you two end up marrying eachother, truly @Xehons - thanks for playing anime games with me when no one else would <3 @Goyneyyy - sorry for shoving you down my pants, I dont know what got into me @Mitch (IFRIT) - thanks for locking a bunch of funny and important posts, I also apologize for shoving you down my pants @Gnashes - thanks for showing me the glory of your anime list and letting me leech off of it! @BoDjango - i love you <3 no homo tho, definitely as a friend @BlackShot - thanks for sparing me from a verbal warning xd Honorable mentions: @Nameless, @Faarooq, @Thor..., @Crunchedd, @william,@Nomadox, @Skyyy, @Chase, @BlackBlade, @Mathy, @dynasty381 and many more! sorry to anybody I forgot!
  15. that guy only has 7 fingers, cant be me