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  1. no matter how much more you try to drive us away from the fact that its shit, its still shit
  2. stop ramming our boxtrucks/cars to kill us on cap and maybe we will reconsider
  3. are you just gonna ignore the ladder kills and shooting cops in the back?
  4. I love the ladder clips and cop single kills! Keep it up man
  5. dw montage 2 is sniper only
  6. so you're saying you don't like it?fuck you, I thought we were friends kappa
  7. get off my thread retard
  8. go easy on me, first tage
  9. kids more retarded than i thought
  10. 240 on each side
  11. fuck that faggot
  12. @U^c0ver
  13. this kid is being destroyed video is uploading right now
  14. 7th element is eyebrow bending?
  15. solid tage missed the part where i sang in japanese