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  1. i think you should get half a brain cell and not hand out your passwords to people you know online
  2. someone who hands out their passwords to people they know online is festering at the bottom of the gene pool and should have been taken out by natural selection anyways
  3. you are insane
  4. @Gnashes
  5. I watch all my anime on kissanime.ru, just search it up there. If you want the English voice over, look for the dubbed series. Usually English voice overs can be pretty mediocre though so I always recommend English subtitles
  6. I'm a little bit late to the party here, but please ignore everything you've heard up until this point, all these children except for Gnashes have not been enlightened with the true meaning of a good anime. I will bestow upon you the best animes I have ever gazed upon. If you are looking for animes of the same caliper of SAO, there are far and few between. However, personally, I recommend Akame ga Kill, Parasyte, or Mirai Nikki (Future Diary) if you are interested in more action based animes. If you are looking for the more slice of life/school genre, I wholeheartedly recommend Clannad, Oreimo, or The Irregular At Magic High School. All great shows! Edit: After reading this through and receiving a personal message requesting my opinion I feel like I must express my feelings of SAO. Personally, I loved the whole series and anyone who says any arc or portion of the story line is shit or simply okay should neck themselves.
  7. personally, i loved DDLC, but i also enjoy the mods that focus on the characters/not as much shock, gives more insight on natsuki for example who didnt get as much as an in depth explanation or hidden background throughout the vanilla game
  8. @Gnashes little busters and doki doki are the shit, don't let these people who havent opened their eyes get to you!
  9. how old are you because im almost certain i did factoring in 6th grade
  10. youre slaying man! keep it up! cant wait for 10
  11. not to be rude, but there is a sizable possibility that he just doesn't want to speak with you.
  12. Hi Misty, welcome to Asylum! I'm sure everyone will welcome you will open arms here. If you are looking for a group to join, I recommend Stellar. We are a group of active players who love rp! By the way, I love watching anime too! I'm sure we can become great friends.
  13. ill join!!