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  1. inb4 post deleted again
  2. All thats left is to make @KBW developer!
  3. @Lorax creates some pretty good designs, only costs 10k as well!
  4. The standard load outs will only be allowed. Meaning no grenades, no suicide vests no speed bombs etc.
  5. times have changed
  6. solid tage
  7. something isnt adding up here
  8. hes still on your roster
  9. why are you roasting your own gangmate
  10. NaH fAm, I'm GoOd
  11. keep up the shade and see what happens xd
  12. What do you want to see? 10-12 man teams, ifrits How would you like to see it "won" (Best of 3?) BO3, BO5 for finals What locations would you want in it? OG and Church arms What would the reward be? money (debateable) for each member of the winning gang please have it on a weekend if possible weekdays are aids and people are at school or working
  13. who wants to play when it releases on pc in 40 min?
  14. agree that 50% is too high, but i dont think going up to 20 is too high either
  15. its hard to enjoy loss of intelligence and belief in the human race