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  1. I've been having "sexual encounters" before you were conceived
  2. Are you asking me to shove you down my pants again?
  3. #freesky #freerevise #freedally #unwipedally #unwiperevise #unwipesky
  4. If you are not going to attempt to have a civilized discussion on this crucial topic please leave my post, thank you.
  5. The previous post was just removed almost instantaneously prior to this repost. This unprecedented act of aggression is completely and fully based on biased opinions and ignorance. This video was created as an important message for the community and as a wake up call for the asylum staff on how to properly handle and execute negative situations within the Gaming Asylum community. Please, for the betterment of this community and the prosperous future of Asylum, please leave this video standing.
  6. hey very interested looking for a cool animated background. please msg me on the forums so we can sort this out.
  7. at this rate that'll be a few years
  8. who have you been talking to and what have they been telling you?
  9. awesome, thanks!
  10. Name/words wanted on the GIF: operationsb GIF(You can send me one or I can find one for you): https://gyazo.com/77af2fde1147e28c5920569672588c41 Font (If you do not know I will pick one for you): any font Different Size:(Y/N): no Anything else?: nope!
  11. i think you should get half a brain cell and not hand out your passwords to people you know online
  12. someone who hands out their passwords to people they know online is festering at the bottom of the gene pool and should have been taken out by natural selection anyways
  13. you are insane
  14. @Gnashes