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  1. I made this post quite some time ago before the game took off in popularity but figured i'd make it again. Looking for people who are interested in playing with others shit gets lonely
  2. The Weeb

    Good Bye!

    @Twinkie You can't get away from me that easily.
  3. Why do you still continue to meme even tho everyone knows who you are? wasnt the point of that account not to get caught memeing
  4. the first meme was playing on that scuffed server
  5. https://gyazo.com/c56a65eaeb9fb7bcd7f8f291f81b0644 good try removing
  6. gets exposed puts swastika in his signature. good memes
  7. Are you the real google? last time i checked google was all about the Hate, Racism, and Negativity
  8. The Weeb


    My Son!!! Where have you been ! Settle down and don't talk to your brother like that
  9. my guy why are you on this thread... its almost 2 years old
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