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  1. ecks dee
  2. the first meme was playing on that scuffed server
  3. lol you are retarded
  4. good try removing
  5. gets exposed puts swastika in his signature. good memes
  6. +1
  7. Are you the real google? last time i checked google was all about the Hate, Racism, and Negativity
  8. Its @The Weeb good sir
  9. bye

    My Son!!! Where have you been ! Settle down and don't talk to your brother like that
  10. my guy why are you on this thread... its almost 2 years old
  11. thats still some pretty shit speed
  12. Not gonna lie wasn't gonna hate but when you post a clip of killing someone getting res'd and the guy ressing. memes
  13. noted
  14. thats what the new generation is unfortunately o_O
  15. me and him had a bonding experience