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  1. noted
  2. thats what the new generation is unfortunately o_O
  3. me and him had a bonding experience
  4. father i need more recommendations
  5. would be a nice skin for ems
  6. its like an arma montage, shoot people that arent looking and record it
  7. i miss you
  8. tldr what is this post even about ?
  9. 1 more wagon than you got donkey boy
  10. If you think about leaving me I swear ima fuq you up with my lvl 2 pet turtle. Gonna spin on your face and shit on you
  11. akame ga kill eh XD

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    2. Richard Norman
    3. The Weeb

      The Weeb

      still tryna expand, but its rather difficult when i try to find more like SAO

    4. Richard Norman

      Richard Norman

      SAO dude its fjing amazing

  12. Was under "Dont panic" the day i straight told you my story and then at the end of it server crashed 3 times and couldnt get it
  13. OI YOU FOOK! I never got that parole!!!
  14. in the end leon put us all down...
  15. 10/10 had me dying with the music choices xD