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  1. Next year sometime right? As well as Halo Infinite. I am hyped asf.
  2. There is only one real man from CHIRAQ!
  3. Bump for the boy @Innateocean! You keep talking to me like that through steam and we gone have some problems.
  4. Bump for the bois. This gang makes me hard/wet.
  5. Frizzy

    Spider-Man PS4

    shit game shit console
  6. Frizzy

    Change log 8.1.6

    Yeah I'll be back for sure just taking a little break for now. Still waiting on the tamed dino patch you were telling me about.
  7. Frizzy

    Change log 8.1.6

    "Next actual patch" apparently asking anything regarding a time frame means you did not read.
  8. Frizzy

    Change log 8.1.6

    I'm sorry is an estimated time of arrival in that anywhere must have missed it. "Next actual patch"? Do you know when the next patch is coming? I assume because you read that you do. Must be able to see into the future or read bamfs mind or some shit.
  9. Frizzy

    Change log 8.1.6

    Makes sense. Gotcha.
  10. Frizzy

    Change log 8.1.6

    I mean idk what you are adding, I'm just stating a community suggestion and an alternative to the "maxed out" prestige system. It would be nice to see a shop with everything police can buy regularly into a prestige shop that offers players the option to spend some of that hard earned prestige instead of cold hard cash. It would be nice to see is all. Thoughts?
  11. Frizzy

    Change log 8.1.6

    Nice! Well needed buff. ETA on rebel tree or prestige shop?
  12. Frizzy


    Only took about 3 years to grow that tree.
  13. Frizzy

    Change log 8.1.5

    Not sure what that even means but looking forward to it. Hopefully it is something good.
  14. My first real PC was an alienate Aurora r4 I still have it after many many years literally have some zero maintenance to it besides cleaning dust and putting in a new graphics card. Honestly if you are buying a computer now I hear it is the way to go to do a prebuilt. The only thing I didnt like was the wait to get here. The one bad thing I heard about certain companies is they will use not the most known/best brands on things like your psu, ram etc. That's where they save money.......
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