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  1. The driving in between the stones gave me anxiety
  2. With the ability to make license plates, which takes away 200 sec from your jail time (with 1 license plate taking somewhere around 2 min), I'd leave it as it is.
  3. I like the business goblin instantly asking how many of them dropped money and which rebel it was, so he can yeet there and grab some cash
  4. Pin Goo

    Back too

    Yeah, I kinda made my way back to Asylum after what? 5 years now? I used to play a shit ton of cop and civ on V1 back when my fellow german @HomeTrlx made his way up to Sergeant I think. Good old times. Most things are still the same I guess, RDM + demolition derbys in Kavala. See you guys around getting shot in Kavala
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