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  1. I've looked through all available content at my disposal, and I can't find actual documentation on what you've done to deserve 2 points. Is someone doing my boy Lucky dirty?
  2. Civilian Civilians can no longer purchase the following: Suicide Vests RGO Grenades RPGs or their ammo Any 7.62 or their ammo Ifrits .50 Cals Orcas Civilian market values have gone up! The following goods / services are now 25% more valuable: Iron Copper Diamond Sand Salt Delivery Missions Oil Rubber Medical Marijuana Fish (Handcaught fish 100% more valuable) Wreck Excavation Goods (excluding cocaine and lockpicks) Civilian misc. changes: Removed talents to purchase/use 7.62, .50 Cals, and Suicide Vests Four-Five has been added to Gun Stores MRD sight has been added to Gun Stores Bounty Hunters now receive payment if their target logs off in their restraints Police Police misc. changes: The MXSW is now purchasable by Lieutenant+ Added talent to limit Lieutenant+ to either be able to purchase the MXSW, or 7.62 rifles Police that die in Kavala HQ should now have to properly wait 1.5 minutes to respawn Athira HQ walls are now unbreakable Wanted individuals that log off within police cuffs now split payout between all officers within 2 kilometers Opfor Opfor has been introduced to the game! Opfor have access to additional wares at rebel outposts that others do not: Suicide Vests RGO Grenades Any 7.62 or their ammo Ifrits Orcas Four-Fives & MRD sights The following roles for opfor are available: Drug Lord Guerilla Pilferer Drug Lord: The following attributes apply to drug lord: Expert Smuggler talent (up to rank 3): 3.3% increased payout for selling drugs to any main city drug dealer 10% increased vehicle Y inventory 50% reduced cut taken by cartels Drug lords have a chance to gain an additional unprocessed drug during collection Pilferer: The following attributes apply to pilferer: Drill Technician talent (up to rank 3): 5% reduced duration to rob the Bank of Altis 10% more laundered money from bank robberies (Pilferer must start the robbery) 50% reduced store robbery cooldown, and 50% increased payout Pilferers have a chance to steal Y inventory and items in clothing when they rob someone Guerilla: The following attributes apply to guerilla: The Warden talent (up to rank 3): 5% reduced duration for Prison Breaks Hardened Criminal talent: 20% chance to avoid 5 minute revive sickness when revived by a non professional Can purchase .50 Cals and RPGs from Rebel Outpost 10% increased payout from cartel containers 20% reduced chance for police to be alerted when you interact with an NPC When Guerillas wake up at a hospital, they wake up in Donor Town at the medic Opfor miscellaneous: Opfor receive increased base HP (on par with police base HP) 20% chance to not trigger speeding cameras General misc. changes: After choosing Blufor (police) or Opfor (rebel), you are locked to that option for 24 hours Drug collecting has reverted to it's original state, no longer requiring you to look around / walk in circles to gather drugs Finally fixed the broken visuals for many clothing options Durga has pointed out over the past 6 months
  3. Durga

    Change log 8.0.3

    @bamf @Gen. Henry Arnold Since you've been doing wonderful work on skins, what are the chances you'll finally take a look at fixing the MTPs, and some of the AAF clothing skins? They're bugged, and look very strange. You can drop them to fix them, but it often reverts or makes you naked.
  4. The Hap I know doesn't give timeout
  5. Durga

    Change log 8.0.0

    I'm happy we're getting new clothing items, but there still exists the issue with a bunch of the current clothing items. All of the MTP, some of the AAF, and one of the hunter outfits are all scrambled up, visually. You have to drop them, and pick them back up to make them look as they should. Even then, it often turns you naked, or resets to it's broken state.
  6. The mature rate was increased by quite a bit, Shantarr can give you specifics. Takes about 1.5 hours to fully raise a Wyvern
  7. So we've decided to make a server! (By we, I mean Shantarr) It's running the newest map, Ragnarok, and is a PvP server with a few mods to increase quality of life. Introducing Breath of the Wild 10x/10x/15x/ORP/S+/Wiped 7/21! All are welcome, and good hunting!
  8. During my second round as Captain, I had noticed a staleness to the APD ranking structure. Too many people were sitting idle in their ranks, unable to move up due to restrictions, such as a maximum cap for each rank. The following is the Senior Staff Restructuring that I had spent over 2 months writing, rewriting, bouncing it between other Captains / Chiefs / Admins / Developers / CMs. This is the final form it took before only half being implemented, which inevitably caused the changes to be reverted. The Colonel rank was never made a reality, and only took responsibilities from the Sergeants, and stacked them onto Lieutenants, and messily created a secondary 2nd LT rank. (Aside from the admin version). The true idea of the changes were to allow officers to rank up an additional time, such as the Corporal rank did in late 2014. Little did I know it would cause the great Sergeant Riots of 2016 Senior Staff Restructure
  9. If you're looking for juicy secrets, they're not here. This one is slightly longer, but it's interesting to see how SWAT came to be as it is known today. SWAT used to be vastly different before it was introduced to Asylum by Paratus. It was a small unit of officers, tested and trained, to be the lethal force Asylum needed when the rebel presence was too strong. SWAT was run by Retired Admin USCG Cox, and the officers that enlisted were required to attend multiple hour trainings, multiple times per week. We had carrier rigs before rebels, 7.62s before Lieutenants, Ghosthawks before Captains, and even a repelling rope for dropping into situations. You had to pass an in game training course, and pass an interview. SWAT was removed after USCG Cox left Asylum, and some time later was written into the mission file in 2015. The following are explanations of SWATs activity, rules, and conduct. Created April 6th to 8th, 2014. Mission and core Values The goal of SWAT Deploying SWAT When and how SWAT can/will act Rules of Engagement
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