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  1. lol

    u doing salt?
  2. connor has longer reach, hes taller but he is not experienced like mayweather so i am guessing mayweather
  3. Haha true but going out to a party and stay there for like 3-4 and then go to Narsj to watch the fight
  4. True or you could do like me and get a bottle of vodka
  5. ah then ur fuckt
  6. u americans are lucky asf i need to stay up to six in the morning to watch the fight
  7. what music do you guys like ?
  8. This reminds me of @Bilal Battu when he was going to vest the HQ but forgot the parachute
  9. mouse and keyboard works well
  10. back up again
  11. streaming n shiut
  12. Grotty Andrew
  13. We were doing a prison break and got caught this is what andrew had to say
  14. Thats like watching @william flying