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  1. haha yea
  2. ok thanks <3
  3. do you know for how long?
  4. i am having some problems with the "my asylum" function its not showin up me but some1 else named tommy aswell. Do any1 have a tip for fixing this?
  5. u prob right i am not sure
  6. in my opinion you guys should have shot it down, but thats not the point i just though it was sad/funny to watch how 10 cops couldnt shoot an orca standing still
  7. why would we squeal lol?
  8. The sounds is not workig for some reason dont know why.
  10. lol

    u doing salt?
  11. connor has longer reach, hes taller but he is not experienced like mayweather so i am guessing mayweather
  12. Haha true but going out to a party and stay there for like 3-4 and then go to Narsj to watch the fight
  13. True or you could do like me and get a bottle of vodka
  14. ah then ur fuckt