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  1. @Zaka
  2. .
  3. RIP @Shakur (k1ng)
  4. Selling the shed closest to medium yield
  5. RBG yea
  6. U never played 3s tho
  7. i have never been in that kind of scenario, but ur right.
  8. My opinion is that you shouldnt get banned for CL on a bounty hunter who rdmed you in the first place.
  9. Why should you be sendt to jail when you get downed by some1 who didnt initiate
  10. Sad part he got RDM by the guy who reported.
  11. Goodbye FROSK was nice playing with you
  12. Selling it BTW
  13. u have a point there i guess didnt watch the whole thing
  14. bad luck buddy