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  1. MVP Gang War Champion Zaka helping his teammate at cartel. Make sure to like and subscribe.
  2. trust me causes more headache seeing a cadet laying down in a bush 600m away with his protector
  3. ^^ Unblacklist the gang war champions, and we will reform the APD
  4. Maybe whitelist ppl who can shoot a gun?
  5. K1NG

    #Free Zaka

    ez win for the booys
  6. Just make it simple. KoTH with asylum loadouts and vehicles
  7. still says private unless you have it uploaded somewhere else https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=khXw2e6rmM4
  8. Since there is no competition on asylum anymore we have become WoW gamers. Requirements: - 3+ fingers - EU - Be an asylum subscriber
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