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  1. One of the few gamers who know the power of the Mk-18. Top tier m8
  2. Simply the best gamer out there!
  3. What a gamer, keep slapping em around young Tom. Just a bit sad there is no mk-18 mrco kills in there, thought I teached you well.
  4. yo gamer where are you, i miss you and your roaching skills :( 

    1. Azeh


      Retired Arma gamer after too many years as #1

    2. Rodrigo


      Fully retired my guy, hopefully you will keep roaching and make em cry!

  5. You are right my wise friend, was nice the time we had. o7 my guy
  6. Listen to Blackmill brother, might give you so some inspiration.
  7. That 1v1 was not bad tho, gotta give me that hahaha
  8. This is not working fyi, big let down.
  9. Ds is taking over confirmed.
  10. Was fun fighting the finals for sure. gg's to Unknown for 5 nice fights.
  11. Hmm dafuq. Then you are doing something wrong lol haha. I have 20 mags, mk-18 and bergen backpack and never gets really bad sway. I know the mk-1 is heavier, but didnt expect it to be that big of a difference.
  12. You most be carrying way to much then. I can run for as long as I want and barely have any sway.
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