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  1. Good stuff @Azeh boi What about SWAT?
  2. Envy 1. Big Ray 2. Big Ray 3. Big Ray 4. Big Ray 5. Big Ray
  3. What a natural born killer right here. Wiggity the legend over all legends
  4. Might aswell bring my one and only montage back
  5. Can confirm this does indeed happen, when I used to be an admin Steve sent me money on paypal to delete reports on him.
  6. Big Ray piping up, about time we hide lads Billy is just chatting shit, he know I didn't report him. He is just starting something for no reason.
  7. Calm your tits old man. Didn't even report it, even said thank you for the pardon.
  8. At 10 seconds he is about to crack fully
  9. Haha you take everything so dead serious John. Calm down pal
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