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  1. Any updates on this @Mitch (IFRIT) ? We need more UC slots brother
  2. Damn dude you seem to use me as an example quite often, there is more cops than me pal.
  3. My cop loadout is 14k my guy, close to what I would spend on civ.
  4. It's been like this the last weeks, but yeah the main issue is to few slots for cops to use.
  5. Trust me man, cops have never been a super gang, never will. Before we got v2 out and running me and some other guys were the only one's fighting the cops, giving them a proper fight. They got smacked every single day, they were tired of showing up because they knew it was the same group doing all the banks, feds, prison etc. They even changed it to a 2 life rule, before you were forced to show up until the situation was over. But yeah I agree the rebels are worse than they used to be. hopefully that will change in the future. I didn't use to be a " career cop " like I am now, but I wish the cops were like they are now when I was only playing civ. Would have been more of a challenge and alot of more fun it it was. Remember the cops are on the server to give the civs/rebels a run for their money aswell. And look at our server right now : 80 people online only 4 of them are cops.
  6. Looks like you are overthinking this super hard atm. Imagine our server being at 115 people online playing, only 15 of them can be cops atm. Having that number increased with lets say 5 or so would not make that big of a difference. It looks like you think the APD is some super gang with infinite numbers and they all have the power of Thanos camping Meth cartel.
  7. Tbf it goes both ways. Not fun doing a bank against 7 cops, the more cops the more action as a rebel being honest. Unless you are busy fighting cartels obviously. Let's say im playing with 4-5 other guys and we do a bank against 15+ cops that's a fun time
  8. plays 150 hours on cop each month 🤮


  10. Grats @HomeTrlx mah boi
  11. you've changed man

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