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  1. Just give both teams tanks and fighter jets to spice things up for a change
  2. Should be fun
  3. I'll hop on s2 and see if i still have one over there
  4. yea i'm curious to see how fallout works as a multiplayer game
  5. what was the point of this article it seemed like blabbering nonsense and then "oh hey check out identity!"
  6. hola
  7. @JAY1HP I was gonna type something out but now i don't have to. cheers!
  8. did you really pay 100 fuckin dollars for that
  9. So much for honest and open developers lmao
  10. yeah it's just annoying to switch for now and doesn't live up to the hype with its buggy current state, hopefully it gets better but for now I'm good with just occasionally messing around in the jungle
  11. lol right
  12. what's up, I've played on the asylum servers for a few days now and will be playing on them in the future. thought I'd make a little introduction for everyone and I hope to see you all in game. cheers