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  1. gone there was a period to transfer all your stuff to server 1 or 2 but it's over now
  2. wow bad time to take a break. all my shit was on s3....
  3. If you took a pro player in any shooting game and told them they are only allowed to use semi while everyone else can use full they would shit themselves lol it's a literal handicap
  4. so many levels of bad here lmao
  5. Jacknelli

    Gang Wars 6

    he'll have to pick one
  6. It's mostly for when you get stranded with a full load out or stuff on you that you don't want to lose.
  7. Jacknelli

    Gang Wars 6

    Yeah i'm supposed to work too Just a quick suggestion for staff/everyone for the next gang war or major event, pick out say three dates and times and have the community vote on the day that would work best for them and whichever day and time the most people vote works best for them use that.
  8. You all have been there, your game crashes or something happens and you spawn in somewhere with not a damn thing around for miles. Or in the middle of the bay. Taxis rarely work out so you just start huffing it to the nearest town or vehicle shop if you haven't killed yourself already. My suggestion is adding a perk or set of perks in the talent menu that allows you to call/spawn an emergency quad or lifeboat. In order for it to be fair it has to cost a small bit of money but not as much as a load out or no one would do it. It also wouldn't spawn instantly you would have to request it and wait say one minute until it spawns so that it does not get abused. It also should be in the form of a beacon or smoke so anyone around knows you're calling in an emergency vehicle. If you are truly stranded it shouldn't matter that there's a big beacon announcing it. Also you should not be able to use it more than once per 2 hours or within a certain distance from a vehicle shop. So you won't be able to call one of you've are close enough to a vehicle shop. The only negative is potential abuse i.e using it to run away from people after they stole your vehicle or destroyed it, but most of the points i provided take away from the potential abuse. I hope it gets added but it might be too minor and too much headache to implement. I just thought this could be a nice little addition, let me know what you guys think.
  9. Jacknelli

    Convoy Event v2

    we need to spike strip the convoy
  10. Jacknelli

    Gang Wars 6

    Just give both teams tanks and fighter jets to spice things up for a change
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