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  1. you're shit kid
  2. None of us in Nexus bitched moron, and what does Insomnia getting dq'ed have to do with you guys getting steam rolled in the first round?
  3. wow dude you really showed those guys, how are you so good?
  4. nice montage but the song is cancer mate
  5. Why even put the clip at 1:32 in? Just shows both of you potatoing lol.
  6. Go into the editor with a rook against both and prove me wrong then retard.
  7. Would of been the same result with regular CSATs that anyone can buy. Btw git good you shitter @Das Otter
  8. Yeah because I have a pair of nuts you retard, did you not get the point?
  9. You're right, you were irrelevant awhile ago, and you're irrelevant now, doesn't matter.
  10. Shut up you little squeaker, you should wait until your balls drop before you come on here and chat shit.
  11. Holy shit I knew @Vortex was awful but this is just a new level of potato.
  12. Later Cali I'll still see you in TS all the time anyways and I'll still be carrying you in H1