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  1. Its time to get a new provider... I have been playing all day and the servers crashed at least 3 times today... How do you expect to build a community when you dont even have servers that run at a reliable rate. The servers have already been downgraded from a 100 person server to just 85 and they still dont even run at a capacity of 45... Whats going on? This is getting ridiculous!!! Where are the donations going besides in your pocket???
  2. Well I wont let it sit forever..... SOLD to Patato12 for 350k I will leave posted till purchase has been made
  3. Server: 2 House, Garage, Industrial Shed: 120k House /w Garage Garage Size(40k/55k/60k): 60k Location (Town/DP#): Just east of Wong Triad Cartel Asking Price: Current Bid = 350k Description: Great for quick rearm for Wong's Cartel, Spacious, multi-car garage and house for sale. Plenty of room to move around even with a car inside. Comes with locks and a back door for easy access. Pictures/Video Walk-through: https://gyazo.com/f8382409ac2f63285d62f88360f6a4a6 https://gyazo.com/87115d2cbeedc07fe1052f83d1fc5f25 https://gyazo.com/ef29ff600b6bbbcc81174af56e37b765
  4. Was expecting to get 5 usable items, or credit for duplicate items in the market that I can use to trade. In turn, I received only 2 items and 3 duplicates of items, that I cannot trade or use.
  5. It should be public, so everyone can be informed of the current situation of our community. Especially when it comes to real money donations and how they work.
  6. Here we go... https://gyazo.com/15468596fea2b16ea98e284d989e323e
  7. However, Im sure they will refund the amount. Its not going to be worth the time and risk of having to deal with the issue.
  8. All they needed to do was credit me with the duplicate items, but they gave me .60cents
  9. Lets see!!! This will be a test, to see how PayPal will handle this.
  10. Looks like I got them to fix the website this was 30min ago https://gyazo.com/e8f963ef8e5e44c1497cb7ef6047f737 Now http://www.gaming-asylum.com/index.php/ Sooooo, I would definitely think they are fixing something that I brought to attention
  11. If you dont have correct access to Paypal records or correct information, then why comment. You are wasting your time, and its rather unprofessional. I have submitted my second comp request after you credited me with only .60cents. Thats a great way to treat someone that has previously donated, even before the loot crate keys were around.
  12. You are correct, but PayPal is... Speaking of illegal activity.... You have zero grounds that I would be underage and if you were smart enough you would check the Paypal Transaction and match it with my user data before you make those accusations.
  13. I perform " insufficient research" on what bases... You have yet to prove yourself, other then that your "Market" is currently not in operation as promised when I purchased the loot crate keys for real money. Why is the Market still listed on the website when its down admin.... Are you trying to confuse donators?
  14. Hmmm, that's what you are going to go after me with... That I am under 18... Please come up with something better then that
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