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  1. idk how we didn't blow up xD gg
  2. Coke isn't a lets get rich way to make money on the server,at least it hasn't been that way since ive been around..Now something to keep in mind with processing twice for any drug( im pretty sure) its best to have cartel to make use of the second process other wise its pointless in the long run. I could be wrong when i say this,but im pretty sure it was a way to help gain more people for fights at drug an just making money easier on the server.
  3. combat log? umm lolwut......some rules are in place so the flow of game play can be achieved for a life server lol 50 cal under barrel on type nah fuck that noise imho Koth on asylum? going to drug an arms island can achieve this with blood money or wars.Also they have Dom so thats pretty much koth on asylum. adding tanks? ok no lol now i understand the comments
  4. double tap c for combat stance an buy some virtual faks,way faster then a blood bag an you can prone and cancel them if need be.
  5. What if you had the zones rotate more in a match? an ofc add some new ones I have noticed a couple games some caps pretty much stay for most the game
  6. It used to be in gun stores but was a bit op so they made it a rebel thing Kinda not a bad idea since a hemmt is massive an could prob "realistically" hold the crates,makes sense a bit Medic roles repair houses an cars an stuff now
  7. With all the new changes an shit,a wipe should of been brought up then imho,if it would of been a time to do one,then would of been it. With that said,now id think it would bounce back,its Asylum,an its 200% easier to grind money now,first mill could take a week a few hours a night at most. Now for the people who have many hours upon hours making money,i feel for you,but at the same time...is it/would it be that big of a problem for you??(General question) Now maybe some compromise could be worked out? people get to keep one house out of there current five slots,an have the slot picked in by a certain deadline,idk.. To kinda lean into it a bit more,The first week eh maybe two,the mount of admin gifts/events(hope no bs)that can contribute to things? The zerg of civs vs cops at coke or meth,idk i think it could bring it back old school a bit if people had a bit more open mind. If some kinks in quests an what not get worked out,prices of things stable out,things be more proportionate. But is the timing right? You got some pretty solid things going out on here,Dom,Strife soon..Would this be a fair time to wipe with all that on the plate? Bugs an silly shit bound to happen "if a wipe happens",all that jazz that comes with that. Should a time line be discussed?(Let some people go nutty for a few weeks/Do some major server/Island wide event(zombies an demons comes to mind..but idk bout that),something of the sorts idk.. Lets start the discussion lol yea gotta have something lol
  8. or quilins an prowlers
  9. North Wongs is still a thing? rotation wise is ass,but i think it should be switched with east arms but the dom version of it,instead of the tower sounds a bit more interesting imho. Yea the whole ifrit zerg thing is wack,could counter with a 50 but id rather the gun play then someone gettin lucky in a 50.
  10. 200-250 is to easy imho,that would be 2 trips in a box truck maybe 3,3-4 trips 100% complete seems a bit more fair if they up the rate you collect diamonds,even with the talent atm its pretty bad,even with out the ore talent your gathering more ore at a high yield....Im also thinking the time it takes to complete both quests,30 is a hatch back run,even 50 is a hatch back run,but it matches the money an time it takes to finish sorta,if they up that to 50-75 an reward at 50k for first quest,will need to make at least 2 runs in a hatch if done that way.....now if you do this in a box an complete it,then how much time remaining so you can use the sale % if you decide to continue doing it. Or go back how it was an keep the current numbers?
  11. yea its a bit broke Increase the rate at what you get per scroll wheel,a tweak of this should make is at least worth putting the time in. increase the basic quest to 50 collected,processed,sold with a minor bump to the reward like 10k an keep the % If you keep the advanced miner quest at 600,should increase it a tiny bit for the reward,Atm with a upgraded box it took me an hour to make one run with only 100ish diamonds collected,processed and sold..6 runs of that in a session don't seem correct,or at least a bit much to be able to make it worth running for the quest. With that said,not much time to make runs again to utilize the sale % increase if you do finish the quest,at least with no house as i don't have one for it. Another option Lower the quest amount in half an keep current gather rate? or even at 350 seems fair? Atm you get way more ore then gems with the talent also
  12. The 3rd one would just act like prestige from back in the day?,just a bit less harsh,being able to transfer it from a atm at rebel only sounds a bit more reasonable imho.
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