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  1. Not quite sure what the problem is here? That is how you get your gang members out of custody if they got a big bounty.Who care how much its gonna cost,whats the point of having the money if you don't use it? Don't get me wrong i know not all gangs/groups get to do this. Not true,alot of us in DS dont have heaps of money,only a couple people on the server have heaps,an they have that much cause they dont use it,they save it for what ever reason.Just a different play style i guess. Rebels are meant to have better gear,The whole cops an robbers thing,an there fucking rebels they dont follow the law..(no disrespect here btw). As for the higher-up on APD,I can agree with this because i dont play cop at all,to aids for me.(ego fest ect) but it does an has shown over the last couple years cop as gone down hill,i don't think its a game related balance issue,its a leadership issue imho,i was cadet for maybe a week less then that,the first day or 2 was just aids,no one took control,no one gave out orders/a plan to attack,it was just one big ego fest an people yelling over one another.Its just that simple. What did you have in mind? I feel this is by design if im not mistaken? Rebels did "take over the island" an APD fight for it back kinda thing...or has that lost its "RP" value over the years? Again to,this comes back to a leadership issue on cop..
  2. is a mega 12,500 not that big of a deal tbh...swear you guys bitch just to bitch.
  3. yes cops are shit.....can kill one of em an the push up while they go for the res,cops don't work as a team.
  4. Mx isn't that bad tho,sometimes the cops act like the mx is a protector. Yea this does happen..But its mainly to people who are aids to the cop while being processe/ deserve it or just straight up don't like the person/group(most times that happens is a higher up).....I have yet to see it that obvious in a while tbh.
  5. The shotgun an bounty hunter thing is kinda meh. But "Cops are gonna have less of an incentive to use lethals at feds/banks because they get absolutely nothing for it." That i hope is the point ,cops use lethals just to spite gangs/groups..Now when someone does go lethal an there was no need for it,then that cop can't hide behind some of the silly policies cops hide behind.There have been plenty of times myself an other gang members got a lethal when it wasn't needed.This also applies to first hand witnessing cops using them when it by far don't call for it. Rebel will never be "OP",cops need to understand that its not meant to be easy..feel like cops just want a easy/lazy way to combat rebels.
  6. i know its scary,but its not that bad lol
  7. Removed lethal payouts and pardon. --Thank you,i think higher bounties will be a thing now an maybe be a benefit down the road.Also hope it don't make cops even more lethal happy then they are. Added autorun via custom action 5, supports swimming too.--Thank god this is a thing. Moved shotguns to rebel only, made both illegal and unable to cap cartels.--How come this was moved? Cartel thing makes sense,but why remove em from city gun stores? Changed bounty hunter jailing to only be allowed at Skiptracer/Prison, no longer possible inside cities and Therisa.--This kinda hurts bounty hunters,taking it out of therisa isn't bad but the other cities its kinda puts a crutch on the solo/smaller groups that try. Added an additional toggle for earplug volume, toggling between full, your custom setting, and half of your custom setting.--Some of you people are just ungrateful Added group member names under hexes when the tilde key is pressed, last 5 seconds.--Pretty sweet if tilde works lol
  8. Its hard to know for sure who is doing it..my guess its more then just person
  9. Retired from what ?
  10. Whoa,Leady is the least toxic to people out that bunch byyyyy far,an im assuming he prob had a good deal to change the rule in question so you should be thanking the people who helped trying to change it..Treat him with respect he will treat you with it back 100%....
  11. lmfao smh you guys are something else...
  12. https://gyazo.com/ebace6e26347573dfe7e98b41158acdb Oh noes clockwerk what did you do!?!?! watch out Captains... Can we all give a round of applause to CEO....
  13. Oh yea for sure retarded,thank you for giving me the benefit of the doubt earlier so kind of you.
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