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  1. Like the idea,Maybe have a scroll option to loot virtual items(Y),Maybe drop the defib so we could find the body(briefcase).
  2. DankBud

    Farewell All

    Well dam man thats a shame lol...Well for what its worth thanks for everything you have done before an up to this point,Best of luck in life man.
  3. Can confirm Chip likes it.
  4. Maybe have it so your screen squints just don't shake? Fades in an out depending on your health,an if not treated in time maybe a rare chance you can pass out lol,Let the hate commence,but hey you did get shot lol.
  5. Ive liked the idea of gettin paid from "cartel boss" per kill..So X amount of meters near cap or in cap but should only apply to arms island since its a free fire zone,kinda like rebel forces control the whole island. If cops raid the cartels you should get paid for it,Kinda how the cops get paid when they lethal someone but in a hint format on the side.(Cartel boss rewarded you for killing APD scum) something witty lol idk.But his would only apply to cartels.(assuming warrant an most things are added back). When gettin paid its not much like a 1-5k per kill(gang war kills,have to be at war) an goes down if you killed that person each time within a reset that way its not to farmable.For cops it should be a set amount if your bounty is past a certain amount (50k) or higher unless on arms island(its for rebels no cops allowed,or even set it higher idk lol up to discussion.
  6. i do because you can run drugs an do things with out to much worry other then cops...Not playing without BH has been fun for sure,but not having it is a tough one imho.Maybe go back to basic with cops an rebels? idk lol
  7. Pats will destroy everyone the end. @Buck cowboys sucked since emmit smith played <.<
  8. DankBud

    Gang Perks & Exp

    figured as much lol
  9. DankBud

    Gang Perks & Exp

    who said that? everything that was in V1 is going to be in V2,just put in over time.........does anyone pay attention or you all just assume shit?
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