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  1. i will deny you every time, you had your chance an you fucked it up
  2. lulz he got mason'd rekt
  3. DankBud


    gotta love arma
  4. Copa is funny....Got something right
  5. seems legit to me hahaha he even said get out the heli or die,to me you just didnt listen
  6. lmfao yiiikes,i mean its doable but aint easy just need to range,but i guess when you suck you suck luuulz
  7. at least you killed them both lol give the man some credit sheesh
  8. daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaam some of you take this shit to a whole other level of toxic lmao
  9. lmfao,i see nothing wrong with this,do you really think he had the time to see someone behind a group if ifrits? assuming he rolled up blind that is... Sure its shitty but everyone else would do the same shit 100%....
  10. So what is the Main issue here,hasnt been all that clear,been gettin trickles of it here an there thru this post along with others... Is it players not having the chance to buy "good" housing,or to many people own these houses that dont log on? An by re-introducing some of these good houses is to put the ball in the players hands an put in a required amount of time so to speak to keep them? the paper concept of it is aight imo,still could be a thing but its kinda that fine line of almost a requirement to play an keep houses.
  11. For capping cartels think you could add it based off rank also,that way if the group leader leaves the cap for w/e reason,it still can be capped by same gang,an should still let a player in the group be allowed in cap with out it messing it up?
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