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  1. Drunk Squad is always a chill Gang/Group. Just fill out the app.
  2. not bad dillon not bad lol
  3. It used to be long as you stood up,but right around new ownership maybe a tad before it was made clear it was not allowed,this went for any object,down walls,the heli spot at drug,the house spots at drug house cap,think the only exception to this was if you made your self noticeable in some form,like crouched down not laying 100% prone.Laying prone next to a downed wall you can do,long as your not in it from my understanding. I do remember reading a post about this a long time back,just not sure where it was posted at lol..
  4. Valid point,didnt read it all,just skimmed over it...But If you get got by a bounty hunter then your bounty legit gets wiped? a more relaxed an easy fix to it with out having to overhaul much of anything an or poke around to much within the code/on mission file.....
  5. i have said this for a couple years too,makes no sense to get broken out of jail just to have the bounty gone,or just the 10k charge,keep that shit going...imo gives that competitive nature within the group(s) to keep it going.Since they took out lethal pardons,id be fine with cops getting paid more for there efforts if they catch you.
  6. lol so putting a speedbomb on a car is now a issue with players? some people take this game to serious man,lighten up a bit called having fun. If the car or w/e has the speedbomb on it an it goes booms,then its not VDM....if your using just the car itself then it is....Plus when ever we did it,we knew the risk with the small chance it may not work,thus is what comp is for.......so idk what the issue is.
  7. dudes a clown lol Plus didn't he join then leave a couple times?
  8. yea,at least for the ones that dont want to RP or least create some sort of dialogue. To enforce its,just like everything else record it an report it i guess.
  9. There is no RP because cops don't like to RP because they don't have too....There have been plenty of time DS has tried to mess about with RP,granted not the best RP,but the dialogue was presented...The cops mindsets has changed over the years its legit just that simple,Its become more toxic,less about team work an more about who wants to make the next best play...The current spot for bank is more then fine,sure there is a choke point,but if cops worked as a team they would have a better chance each time..Pyrgos bank is awful,was already there before an it was for the most part aids.. Another thing people should remember,this is more of a combat oriented server,more so over RP.Everything happens faster an just is more competitive.As far as i can remember Asylum has always been this way. I feel a lot of cops forget that.Again im not bashing cops or trying to keep it one sided for Rebels here or in any post i make. If you wanna change one spot an put something somewhere else,Its gonna change an lead to something else having to be moved/changed. With Lockup it is broke af for sure,i didnt quite understand it as much as i thought i did a couple weeks ago.So i was wrong an im sorry for being ignorant about it. Fed i dont think is broke,its meant to be a attack an defend style event like the bank,One of the main reasons cops fail it is because they zerg it all the time.Just like a majority of everything they do...Think about it,When a bank or fed pops,who trys to get any info before they get there,i dont mean get there,then die,then get info....get it before they show up?? An don't zerg rush it...Bank has been talked about for a while now with cops crying about its hard this an that. The issue with most the events is cops are not getting money from as much as they used to,least i feel like that has been the fuss more so then the event it self. Now again im not on cop so i don't understand the full frustration you all experience,an do try to keep an open mind with it,but at the same,i feel like no one calls out the people that need to be called out..This all seems like a internal APD Issue more so then the event being broke an needs to be fixed.(ASIDE FROM LOCK UP,that's broke af). if there are like 10 cops on an a bank pops,try breaking up in 2 groups an move into separate chats,an the higher ups only use group chat when needed,an come from different places.Need new strats. You dont always need to rush,slowing it down sometimes is the best approach.
  10. nothing in particular,it just came off as if that was the issue..
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