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  1. i don't care about the discussion it can stay,tf you on about lol....brought the mod que up because your an actual idiot lol i don't use pull downs LOL smh
  2. purple looks dope,not sure how i like the gold ones but none the less solid lookin work
  3. i didn't disagree once tbf,maybe if you would use your brain and eyes to read an comprehend what i said instead of trying to bash me or talk down to me....you would see it was a suggested answer,but ya know your the one surrounded by retards an its why our country is going to shit.. @Mitch (IFRIT) is mod que still a thing? Pretty sure he is earning a spot on that list
  4. the admins do more about it then you think tbf... But instead of being on here trying to flame EVERYONE that comes across you,how about you try an be part of the solution,ya know,instead of being on the forums shit talking ppl?
  5. No? have you tested it? i have an it works......you would know that if you used an mk-1 from time to time instead of hanging out in kav ? Oh is that the reason? everyone around you is retarded or insane? think the only retard here is you dude..Like legit clown lol not even sure what the country has to do with an modded arma 3 game mode......But everyone else is retarded or insane ..lulz
  6. Every now an then you get reminded how much people are pricks......Mitch should start charging some of you to even talk on here,its crazy how far this server has come from a couple years ago an still people complain,not sure why but still blows my mind lmao. Should just start mod que'ing Good work too lol
  7. denied good luck denied.good luck
  8. lmao come up with something better then that dick suckers is old af
  9. tellin on another that they are trash an there gang sucks...i heard enough in one day of cadet to not even waste the time on tryin to play cop cause its a shit show,an god forbid if someone suggested an idea that could maybe work.
  10. If you can get shot out of it thru the glass,don't see much of a issue here with it being a thing for cops if only captains can pull it an only one at a time. The issue with cops not making it bank is,well,the cops,most times its them going in one at a time/only a couple in a hatch an them yelling at one another on how much this an that person sucks/shitter,if the cops could manage to not be at one anothers necks the whole fight im pretty confident that they could win more events.Shit some of them don't even try they just go an die once or twice an don't come back. There is maybe l
  11. pretty neat tbf,would be cool to see work,but you would in the end just get shit for it imo.
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