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  1. Dam thought @Mason sent this in private lol
  2. Nah not at all lol fuck that noise tbh,got enough shit to deal with in a day. Legit just want to see the game thrive is all...Far from tryin to impress anyone on here.Plus im in DS who is gonna be impressed ? they see those 2 letters and its a wrap anyway.
  3. Ya i could see it being annoying/frustrating. sucks something fun should be ruined by the own members of the community. hmmmm....granted admins missed it or w/e the case was at the time....Why bother doing that or anything negative to make there job harder is the better question? For what bragging rights of Gang Wars? its not that serious lol..(not saying it in a dickish way ).. Woulnd't doubt it tbh,My question to that is who gains anything from it? the hosting admins gang? If that's the case who we got as a community manager? Maybe they can host it ? Would need someone who is in a neutral position so there isnt like a "favorites " game going on an tweaking things as the matches roll out.. Now dont get me wrong,im just looking to keep asylums momentum going forward an think this could be a annual thing,if done right. Main problems....1)server performance ...wayyy yfucking better now.. 2) Ddosing...Prob cant stop this with out dumping stupid amount of money at it i would assume. 3)People hacking? ...Well most the dudes who came back for least a 3rd/4th time that i know of since ive been playing got banned again..why they came back that many times is besides me not really my place to say.But majority or fair amount im sure are not around,or if they are its under different names.......solution? cross reference ip's with banned ones with current ones.No vpns allowed? or is that something more behind the scenes? 4)Admins playing favorites .....community manager someone who has nothing to gain from it..... Again just trying to start the convo so we can least as a community and grown adults for the most part can come together an work on something so we have something to play x amount of years from now,cause we always come back from breaks an shit.Remember what a year ago? this game was borderline from being gone,an now loook it at it...shits popping again,Admins imho did there part an got the server back to a state where you can have fights,put shit in rebel to make it back in the fight faster.....why can't we do our part and show the small guys...Cause lets be a bit real here,its mainly always the same groups/players under a different gang name.Alot of the hardcore cartel gangs dont let new people in,how are you going to breed new fight if new players can learn it from people who been doing it for years on end.
  4. start planning gang wars maybe? Not like anyone gonna be at work exactly lol..should be able to put something together soon.
  5. accepted..poke me or mssge me when your in TS
  6. does makes sense,all the drugs an gear goes to a vehicle...only issue i see is the cops will just up an leave the fight with said vehicle.Idk if this would be to OP,put a little hint mssge should pop up maybe along with side chat so both sides are aware its being seized,maybe have it show up on players map(within a radius/only main bank?),so if a sneaky cop gets in an gets it an yeets the fuck out in a hatch with nos or a strider with nos,the fight isnt over it as the chance to be dragged out for how ever long. Could also incorporate it on the current 10min timer (Bank notes being broke down) to be fair for both sides so the cops also have the location an can choose to fight for it.
  7. what if you give the option to have it spawn outside? keep both sides happy........maybe
  8. i think a cqc style server would be your best bet...every one likes to fight an just jump an get action fast an then be out an about...i liked the concept of how strife was tying in the money in game an such but it was just rushed an to many people took advantage of it an the team before didn't seem like they cared an just wanted something out to keep the pop quiet about asylums state at the time......If there was a bit more heart into strife i think it could of been the next version of KOTH but for asylum had alot of potential. As much as rust is fun to play,im pretty sure you would pull your hair out with the amount of people who gonna cheat. dayz would be fun at first but i think the grind for that game just gets old. GTA would be dope but like sean said,would be alot of dev work to go into it an then to make it its own flavor that asylum has would be a bit toxic an just not all that fun after a while.It would have to have serious dedicated people. I think we should just stick with asylum an do what we can with this before we take on something else of that size. squad would be dope but i just dont see it being a super populated server,least not with asylums community,be wayyyyy to many trolls. If any game out the list i would pick squad,but just not sure if it would be worth the time an effort,and maybe money you would have to put into it.
  9. good.Maybe stop cheating?
  10. If i may recall we beat you in gang wars? always be known as part of the stellar's B-team who lost to DS..Don't forget your helmet before you leave your house....retard.
  11. DankBud


    Noooooooooo.... well take it easy bro,was always nice to have ya around,even tho we gave you alot of shit in the TS...always a good sport about it an prob the most mature younger person we have had come thru. Hope you well an hope you come back sooner then later,dont forget to jump in ts from time to time.. P.S hope you step in a puddle with your socks on,an tell me we all said hi!!
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