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  1. I don't like how you control your recoil. That's not allowed on this server, sorry.
  2. Last I heard from him was that he was off to rob some hash from the gaff. Think I seen him outside the co-op asking for someone to go buy him a 3 in 1
  3. S K E N G
  4. Granted, it does look bad in his POV. But in mine I'm not intentionally DPI glitching. It isn't my fault the servers lag is it? Anyways, just got off mod queue so please don't start an argument on my thread. OLD SpaceGod was a positive guy, it's a shame you've changed so much old friend :/
  5. pills send man west
  6. Clips sped up. I'd hardly class that as a dpi glitch tbh, just a yung chicoxl that can't aim...
  7. miss you bro
  8. Been having fun recently Some clips are old most are very recent. S/O to everyone for fighting Watch in 1440p and enjoy
  9. Chester, you're a cool guy. But damn you guys take fights so seriously. So you got raped a couple times last night. Scares heal bud, I'm sure you'll be fine.
  10. lol

  11. lol

    Today was the first time we've played asylum in the last week. We came on pushed church with no ifrit - came out at the end with 6 ifrits after fighting you guys and stellar. Well played in this clip @Jwilly, you did shit on us that fight. Need I say anymore? gfs.
  12. S/o to @Jimbo! for perm banning me from the Reborn Retard training server.