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  1. Requirements Jewish 15000 hrs Hoard Shekels Respect chain of command Oy Vey Application Format Name - Hours on Arma 3 (screenshot) - Age - Previous Banks / Law firms - Why do you want to join the Shekelsteins? How many shekels can you bring to the Shekelsteins? Who can vouch for you in the banking guild? ROSTER Rabbi Noam Shekelstein, David Shekelstein, Nolan Shekelstein Zionist Shmuel Shekelstein, Mose Shekelstein, Abraham Shekelstein, Shekelstein Penny Pincher Yousef Shekelstein, Dimz Shekelstein, Josiah Shekelstein, Ezekiel Shekelstein, @skrood Shekelstein, @killer11 Shekelstein, @ron the player Shekelstein
  2. how is this guynot banned yet?!!??!?!??!
  3. In-game name: Lorax Age: 17 Hours in Arma 3: 4700 Wealth[Money]: 6mil Previous Gangs: Prime, Tenacity, Instinct, FSA, Destiny Monkeys Why we should accept you: Member who can vouch for you: Bag of Funyuns, Farmer Steve
  4. About Us... The Google's CQC Administrator Team is a group of highly specialized individuals whose primary motivation is to innovate the CQC Life Style Requirements -1000 Hours on Arma- -Hardcore Roleplayer- -Follow all CQC Rules & Regulations- -Experience working with Databases & Logging IPs- -Must be older than 12- Application Format In-game Name: Age: Previous Administrative Experience: Hours on Arma 3: Current vouches within the Google's CQC Administrator Team: Corporate Communications: https://discord.gg/sfV4gbk
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