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  1. You’re the frickin man!!!!
  2. Thank you Steven. You are my muse. I love you.
  3. the edge lord himself!!!
  4. proper edit coming soon™
  5. should stick to making rust bases m8.... but when'd you get good at arma?!?!?!?
  6. If anybody hasn't noticed, the servers die during the school year. The majority of this community (unfortunately) are edgy college and high school students. These donation perks are nice, but we've been asking for these for a while now. I mean a while. Now you finally choose to implement them with price tag (that you lose after each month) and with a price tag that high (considering the age group of most of the community) is laughable. Come on.
  7. You were running meth and when i went to collect cartels (me having 50k you have 2 mil you were gonna sell to pay your electric bill) you wanted to be a douche and get them lmao you keep saying I edited it to make you look bad, but you did that to yourself fam. I can't edit the video to make you act like a cunt xD
  8. starting a runescape frat with @Quenton. PM for trial.
  9. Got the dates of my cancer diagnosis & last day of chemo/end of treatment. (May 1st 2012-august 21st 2015.). Weirdly was when I was the most active on asylum. Anyways, turns out bitches love trauma.
  11. @Shugie Boogie i miss u big time my little poopy boy. I miss shit pooping pant cop with you and "pilot in training" on KOTH. Always an uncomfortably sexual and hilarious time with you. Best of luck in your future endeavors pal, I'm around.
  12. "Hey I havn't been a piece of shit for 3 months on asylum cookie pls?"