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  1. That's a meme for another day my friend
  2. First time editing/using windows movie maker. For shits n giggles, enjoy @Winchester
  3. That lauren hill instrumental legoooo
  4. This man is the hero asylum needs
  5. this man fucks. nuff said
  6. Racism (PERM Dredge)
  8. You have much to learn young grass smoker.
  9. As a fraternity member this is spot fucking on for 95% of the kids I know fraaaaaat @Chase @Polaris
  10. Dude he won and I lost get over it n00b
  11. I didn't even say anything after I roared you.... you guys were the ones who started shutting it up. Take your L and move on
  12. Supaaaaaa hot fiyaaaaaahhhh yeeee booiii
  13. You lost 200k. In 3 minutes.
  14. @Sugarfoot Is envy recruiting?