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  1. I doubt that lol
  2. I like the armor stacking personally
  3. Do you? Because from your post it doesn't seem like you do. Or if you did you were just trying to belittle him
  4. Thank you for the update. Its very sad that the bamf and the other developers have given no insight to what is going on. If they had a job in any software development setting it would not fly to not communicate with others.
  5. lmao
  6. So... Rebel tree update tonight?
  7. Any ETA on the rebel tree?
  8. The off road is shitty and the prowler is better in every aspect. No idea why you keep buffing the cops. You have contributors here saying they don't have enough access and developers not having enough time. When arma had that bug where people needed to use 32 bit instead of 64 the devs couldn't even put in a MOTD for their users. Instead you had your users spamming it in side chat to switch to 32 bit. lol
  9. +1 Don't see how this could hurt anything. Good idea