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  1. I mean yea I remember a lot of kidnappings but still that's some pussa shit
  2. If everyone thought of it like that not only would it add more APD-Civ PVP, it also adds more action at the so-called money farms so not really.
  3. I’m not expecting anything to happen just wondering what other people think about this.
  4. In-game name: Lil Tay Age: 18 Years Old Time spent on Asylum: 1298 https://gyazo.com/65ee0fc458b0aba0d9f9eb25ed1502e5 Previous admin action: Been banned back in Tanoa (2016/2017) for dupping 10mill my first week on the game not knowing the rules.. Why do you want to join us: I see how active you guys are, and I have some friends in ST. About you : Ive put a lot of my time in asylum, im pretty active and try to log in at least once a day. I have over 4 mill in the bank account. My time zone is EST and usually on most of the day and night. My gang history is in my sig. N
  5. Bring it back? (just curious)
  6. In Game Name: Lil Tay Arma Hours: 1275 https://gyazo.com/9f486f3864ec6bcc9b636800b38c02c3 Timezone: EST Age: 18 How much money/vehicles do you have?: 4.1 Mill, and a lot Reason for wanting to join?: I see you guys fucking shit up in S3 so I'm trynna hop on the wave. Previous Gangs?: Imperium Vouches?: None.
  7. WiIIiam

    The Moto Thread

    steroids are tough man.
  8. he's too busy in community college
  9. WiIIiam


    I just got back into asylum are there any good active gangs?
  10. Lil triggered? Lol “You obviously don’t know me, Hi. If you ever talk to me or another Admin like that again, not only will you receive points on your APD application, but you will be blacklisted from comp indefinitely. Good day. “
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