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  1. whose using whose name O_O
  2. Hey guys its been a fat minute ngl. I quit a long as time ago and went by the name of lil tay, and I was definitely one the most toxic person to play but as always good times come to an end and I ended up quitting but, I figured to give good ole asylum another shot and say whats up so if you see me in game then come say hi!
  3. I mean yea I remember a lot of kidnappings but still that's some pussa shit
  4. If everyone thought of it like that not only would it add more APD-Civ PVP, it also adds more action at the so-called money farms so not really.
  5. I’m not expecting anything to happen just wondering what other people think about this.
  6. In-game name: Lil Tay Age: 18 Years Old Time spent on Asylum: 1298 https://gyazo.com/65ee0fc458b0aba0d9f9eb25ed1502e5 Previous admin action: Been banned back in Tanoa (2016/2017) for dupping 10mill my first week on the game not knowing the rules.. Why do you want to join us: I see how active you guys are, and I have some friends in ST. About you : Ive put a lot of my time in asylum, im pretty active and try to log in at least once a day. I have over 4 mill in the bank account. My time zone is EST and usually on most of the day and night. My gang history is in my sig. Note: Failure to list all previous admin action will result in immediate denial.
  7. Bring it back? (just curious)
  8. In Game Name: Lil Tay Arma Hours: 1275 https://gyazo.com/9f486f3864ec6bcc9b636800b38c02c3 Timezone: EST Age: 18 How much money/vehicles do you have?: 4.1 Mill, and a lot Reason for wanting to join?: I see you guys fucking shit up in S3 so I'm trynna hop on the wave. Previous Gangs?: Imperium Vouches?: None.
  9. WiIIiam

    The Moto Thread

    steroids are tough man.
  10. he's too busy in community college
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