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  1. damn someone finally understand haha
  2. @Narmin damn almost like i hear that from everyone. How long have you been on the server?
  3. @Narmin http://m.wikihow.com/Get-Good
  4. Yo

    Welcome! GL HF!
  5. 32bit, economic
  6. I have money I have been on the server since July last year but I would just come on occasionally
  7. Im gonna be playing on 2 mainly probably
  8. xd and thanks
  9. Oh mah dude I have been here for a bit but just decided to leave Olympus for now and stay here, but Thanks Bro
  10. So, I decided to come over here with @Sammy:) and bring the meme over to this serv
  11. +1 nice song and clips!
  12. +1 mah dude
  13. -1 back shots and single kills
  14. +1 the beginning of the song sounds like me