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  1. still looking
  2. @Leslie 275? since its a 70k
  3. nooo
  4. @Slayin how much u asking for it
  5. Post offers.
  6. @Eazy got the old kills because im washed and needed some shit kills as a filler for the song lol
  7. @JAY1HP haha very true wanted to just mess around on sony vegas with the clips i had
  8. @AlboGravity @Scre^m fixed
  9. Tryna work on my sony vegas skills. Enjoy.
  10. @George ok thanks
  11. @George could you link that to me too? tryna make a montage
  12. 145k
  13. @Riot INC there are people selling in same DP and on S3 for 150-200k. But ill meet you in the middle at 300k