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  1. Bringing some joy for everyone to enjoy and have a laugh about. Tyrone damn well knows that's a completely empty throat. Whats not empty is the long messages I got from you wanting to be let back here. Don't forget that because I didn't.
  2. I can hear your fat lips smack as your smiling at the end.
  3. For those individuals who are not able to read the above. You may find this video helpful. Thank you @Tyrone Darnell
  4. Why look for an admin? I aint free, but hmu
  5. Guy wanted a unban, and we had a good chuckle with the process to obtain that. Be crabby elsewhere.
  6. It's been suggested that we make some sound bits from this a horn and add it to the boom box in game. Thoughts?
  7. We will be hosting a give away in our discord in honor of what we have all heard tonight. @Ratatouille
  8. We should all find an opportunity to speak in TeamSpeak. I'm around for the next couple hours tonight if your available.
  9. So i watched the video without a ton of attention and thought this was about the vehicles blowing up. That's where the arma things came from.
  10. You acted surprised when arma did arma things. Are you alright?
  11. they're the ones doing the coding. try talking to them first.
  12. All, With the feedback that we received from last nights meeting with the community there are going to be some changes taking affect immediately. Community Manager role has been removed: As Asylum has evolved over the years so has the role of our Community Managers. These added responsibilities moved them further away from what I think of when I think about what a Community Manager should do. In an effort to better reflect their duties the CM role has been changed to a Senior Admin position. In addition to general admin duties and special items Senior Admins will be responsible for the following: VPN whitelist requests, owner/really old ban appeals, admin reports and activity tracking, APD Cpt and AFD Chief IA's, overseeing Support and moderator applications and training. Expect to see some additional senior admins in the coming weeks. Civilian representatives: I heard your calls loud and clear and I have agreed to implement a civilian council to ensure there is a clear path for community suggestions and feedback. It will be based in our discord with an area that the representatives are able to speak directly to myself and the development team. Typing in the chat will be limited to those representatives, but everyone will be able to read it and see what's being talked about and proposed. I hope this brings an additional level of transparency. Our new contributors @ObiWoki and @mitch have agreed to take the lead on this group. You can apply via the support system under the section "Civilian representatives application". Your application will be reviewed and a decision will be made. More changes to come over the coming weeks. Mitch
  13. Hello all, I'd like the opportunity to speak with the masses a bit and answer some questions with everyone. I think it would be great to bonce ideas off each other and perhaps allow you to gain some understanding of the operations side of things. I want you to be open and honest, but I ask for some common respect. https://discord.gg/EkxcSJeF?event=915373022863560724 It will be held in our discord and should go pretty smooth? Never used this event feature before so I want to give it a shot. Pass on the word.
  14. Naw. Cheaters stay banned, that's it. I have lifted plenty of other types of bans. But I'm not interested in people who have previously cheated. Makes no sense to unban when it's already the most time consuming thing we deal with. Simple answer for anyone in the future, don't cheat. it's a fucking life server.
  15. I wondered when this post would come. So I'll do my best to stay away from learned helplessness @Maric Obviously our population is a bit tough. I saw our player numbers tank pretty hard around the release of a few new games. It's not the sole reason, but it was enough that something dire had happened. We have had many months of some pretty awesome patches sent out. Our devs worked hard and @Mr. Slickworked double duty to bring out some great content. For once I believe that Asylum developers had some artistic freedom to create new content for us. We went many years with some less than ideal content and some pretty constant cries for your voices to be heard. I think there is a large misconception about feedback and suggestions not being heard. When I have talked with slick and other devs. Our development flow board was damn near a copy paste of the various threads on here. I'd love to be able to comment that X,Y and Z idea are panned for development, but people just abuse the heads up and snag prime houses near the location etc etc. I have no desire to be secret about anything content wise. But year after year it's proven why we have to be, and sadly why we have to keep most of the staff in the dark about it. No matter what it always gets out. And I believe that is a disservice to the players. As far as the population goes, i'm not sure what the answer is. We have non stop issues with people cheating on the server, and it's already 2021. I believe the majority of my time is spent dealing with that alone. Some of the other issues I deal with is the constant hate that flows around here. Anytime a change is made, someone is bound to be angry. There seems to be this general idea if you are the loudest and most pissed off, somehow that affects the change of what you don't like. A prime example is the ifrit prices. I'd get plenty of messages saying the ifrit spam at x,y,z is old and annoying and we need to increase the prices. And that people who do not value their armor just zerg the fight and it's no fun. So I try to bring some value to the armor, and you all revolt of the change you asked for. But i'm not surprised as tjhis happens more often than I'd like to deal with. We have brought on some new contributors to help lessen the load on others and hopefully they can get up to speed and bring some content that you guys want to see. But to be honest, you guys wear out everyone in development real quick. I think the ability to directly contact the people here who make the server what it is, is great. But it's also abused. It's a double edged sword. I agree with the fuck around and find out statement made above. I'm quite simply over the Bullshit that many are pulling and my tolerance for it is gone. It's no secret that we have a ton of people banned, and I say no to most of them when they come around asking for unbans. I've turned down an ungodly amount of money in total to allow their access to the servers. Sadly, that money could go to a lot of use, but I don't believe in selling out like that. It's not fair to a single other person around here. I'm not giving up just yet and I still have hope. We had many months of pulling some great numbers and I'm extremely proud of that. I do see some danger coming soon though if we cannot meet our monthly minimums for our donation goal. Nothing is free around here to run. And I cannot afford to support it out of my own bank account for everyone else to use. It comes down to choices. I'd also like to note that we often see the population of arma players float between the various servers there are. I wish BI would hear our fucking screams to release something about ARMA 4. It's only because of the players like you that any of us are still here after all these years. We need to band together and pull through this one as a family. Start policing yourselves so we don't have to, and we can work to get our focus back to where it counts. Please feel to respond here or reach out privately if you have more questions or concerns. Mitch LGBFJB @KrazyKnight
  16. I can agree. I've taken money for someone to be unbanned. @Bag Of Funyuns sent me 5 bucks in btc. And I sent him 5.01 back in btc. Never went through with unbanning him. I think the last price I told someone was 1k to get unbanned? I'd love you for you to post something that comes close to proving that. We will wait. If you're only playing 1 hour to save your houses. I can have my staff adjust your housing situation accordingly.
  17. 76561198157851943 Some teamplayers dude. Looks like he's in your heads already. Gl
  18. Apollo 13 missed the moon, Tom 13 missed the mark. Whew
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