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  1. You should read the previous comments i explained a little bit of a possibility. Guns find their ways into hands who want/need them regardless of laws if people are willing to supply them. Also China has only gone through like 42 (exaggerated) dynasties through the hundreds of years just because Mao claimed and established power is the same as the Qing, Song, Zhou, etc dynasties just because the communists hold power now doesn't make China forever a communist nation.
  2. I never said the aftermath was a success. Were there nations that benefited greatly from US involvement? Of course there were... were there countries where we implemented a US supported government and it was either later abolished or just didn't work out? Of course look at Afghanistan, Iraq, and Iran. It's not so much that a "majority" of Chinese people are living good lives. It's that a minority are and then through censorship and limited information make the majority think if they keep working and support the Chinese government unequivocally that they will eventually be able to live a wealthy and fulfilling life too. +1 on the brainwashing though i 100% agree... after decades and decades of Chinese officials exclaiming that Tibet, HK, and Taiwan are "rogue nations" that are stealing from the Chinese population of course people will believe it ESPECIALLY when your source of information is also your source of money, food, and water. Yes I understand that the USA normally only intervenes when it is either useful or provides a political advantage, when you think though China and Russia are the two largest competitors to the USA right now. If we were able to kick China out of the running with a coup you don't think the US govt wouldn't support it? The Chinese people ARE more nationalist than anyone except maybe the Japanese, but it's not like China hasn't booted their government before. Shit China has performed more civil wars and revolutions than any one else in the world. The Chinese people are being exploited and subjugated by the hands of their government who are the only ones to profit. China as a country is doing great economically and militarily. Unfortunately for the Chinese people their country rakes in a 12 trillion GDP but their GDP per capita is around $8,900 while the American GDP per capita is $59,500. Trust me capitalism is alive and well and doing much better than China our citizens on average produce 6x more GDP per year than the Chinese who have around 4x the population of the USA meaning they should have around a 48 trillion a year GDP if they were performing the same as the USA per capita.
  3. If 1% of those people banded together and asked for help from the USA, India, UK, France, Canada, Australia, Germany, Italy, etc we could provide the means. They have to really WANT it though. We have funded so many coups and uprisings in the past and given Chinas history of war crimes and violations of human rights we could justify the supply of arms to India for rebels to take across the border. Pertinent to the list below obviously overthrowing a large Government like the Communists in China would be extremely difficult but it has been done before. The Chinese people are some of the bravest, intelligent, vicious, and frankly insane group of people basically ever to walk the earth. The Chinese people have kicked ass for over a thousand years i doubt a few decades of poverty and oppression changed much in that department. a list of coups and rebellions we have supplied/funded/assisted in the past: An * means it was successful. China 1949 to early 1960s Albania 1949-53 East Germany 1950s Iran 1953 * Guatemala 1954 * Costa Rica mid-1950s Syria 1956-7 Egypt 1957 Indonesia 1957-8 British Guiana 1953-64 * Iraq 1963 * North Vietnam 1945-73 Cambodia 1955-70 * Laos 1958 *, 1959 *, 1960 * Ecuador 1960-63 * Congo 1960 * France 1965 Brazil 1962-64 * Dominican Republic 1963 * Cuba 1959 to present Bolivia 1964 * Indonesia 1965 * Ghana 1966 * Chile 1964-73 * Greece 1967 * Costa Rica 1970-71 Bolivia 1971 * Australia 1973-75 * Angola 1975, 1980s Zaire 1975 Portugal 1974-76 * Jamaica 1976-80 * Seychelles 1979-81 Chad 1981-82 * Grenada 1983 * South Yemen 1982-84 Suriname 1982-84 Fiji 1987 * Libya 1980s Nicaragua 1981-90 * Panama 1989 * Bulgaria 1990 * Albania 1991 * Iraq 1991 Afghanistan 1980s * Somalia 1993 Yugoslavia 1999-2000 * Ecuador 2000 * Afghanistan 2001 * Venezuela 2002 * Iraq 2003 * Haiti 2004 * Somalia 2007 to present Honduras 2009 * Libya 2011 * Syria 2012 Ukraine 2014 *
  4. Funny a 1.35 billion civilian population and a military of around 3 million but they are still all being oppressed by a Communist regime. Doesn't sound like many Chinese citizens are really trying to be free.
  5. I mean you'd think the Chinese people would have caught on years ago that their government attempts to brainwash them and control every aspect of their lives from birth through spying, censorship, and punishing people who step too far out of line. I don't blame HK for wanting freedom nor do i think China has nearly as much control over the USA as it would seem considering how much money we have borrowed from them. If you take a look at why China hasn't invaded Taiwan even though they have been massing their forces in the region is because they are scared. Although the show of force in the region has slowly mounted over the past 40 years it should be noted that China has had the military capabilities to retake Taiwan for DECADES but never have since they seemed to be afraid of retribution. China is slowly falling apart and seems to be scrambling to regain total control over its citizens and the neighboring region retaking Taiwan would be the first steps towards that end. Personally I feel a declining China is a dangerous China especially if you look at their track record of mostly ignoring building their military v.s. their more recent views of wanting to become a military powerhouse. China will pose a global threat soon but will probably start with further subjugation of it's people and their neighbors. TLDR: While China may not pose a major military threat to the US just yet (without using nuclear weapons) they are so extremely close and for sure could win the Asian continent against our allies if need be and soon we will need all the help we can get to fend them off if it comes down to that. A few news/information sources for people really interested in the topic Chinese Military spending compared to the USA and Russia: Chinese Military vs the USA: https://www.ibtimes.com/us-vs-china-military-strength-comparing-defense-capabilities-2789735 Pressure mounting against Taiwan: https://www.foxnews.com/world/taiwan-president-rejects-china-offer-of-one-country-two-systems USA and China tensions rising in the South China Sea: https://www.scmp.com/news/china/military/article/2166910/us-navy-plans-major-show-strength-south-china-sea-warning
  6. Drunk Stream!


  7. They don't make em like they used to anymore. Now theres shitters straight from Kavala running the APD now. Take @TheCrestedPenguin for example... must be the WORST Arma player i've seen in my life. Jk u Nathan.
  8. Rod has a point the Witcher is more focused on immersion so it can *try* to scare you, it's no where near the definition of a horror game by any means but can give you the creeps here and there, which also adds to the amount of fun and immersion in the story even when after getting a nice jump here and there you die 14 times in a row trying to kill what just jumped in your face. The game really grabs hold of you for many hours at a time and the main quest with no side missions is like 40-50 hours long and if you add the side missions and DLC you can EASILY dump over 200-300 hours into the game and 400+ if you want to be a completionist.
  9. Escape from Tarkov is a ton of fun especially with a group.
  10. Still several of us who can't connect to the Teamspeak i've never had a "DNS" issue take anywhere near this long it's been like 30 hours now.
  11. Yeah because your DNS updated and even after changing mine multiple times can't get it to recognize the new server.
  12. I've changed my DNS to my ISP, Google, and Cloudflare and still doesn't work.
  13. Flush didn't work for myself, DK, or Dick Romney neither did a pc reset either...
  14. ugh fuck i dont want to log off rust but ok
  15. Legit got all of us killed in rust btw when ts went down we were fighting like a 4man group and took 6 aks from them
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