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  1. Lol dude thinks Maric has only been around since 2015... pretty sure Maric was here way before the hack. (December-ish 2015)
  2. I loved when Trump said "You called our troops stupid bastards!" Biden- "I-I Th-thats not true!" *Earlier in 2020* Biden- "Clap for that you stupid bastards!" Or "Your son was dishonarably discharged for drugs!" Biden- "He was not! He was a war hero who received the bronze star for valor!" Trump- "No no the other one Hunter" Biden- "U-uh n-no not true my son Hunter had a drug problem which is totally normal" I started laughing so hard man.
  3. Pretty sure it's up to 1.16.2
  4. I miss back when the forums was nonstop shitting on Paratus and Motown for being incompetent.
  5. The problem is they weren't just used for solo pushing. People would load up dudes in a Quillin and drop people all around arms at rocks to cover for the Ifrit to slam window etc. Or they would ghost them in to flank people and even if they were seen they could jet off or just push with impenetrable doors lol.
  6. Damn is this THE Danny? Shiiiiit haven't seen you in like 2 years.
  7. Tyler

    eft luck

    @Volunteer281 *heavy breathing*
  8. I do, so does @Jake @Mayhem @antho @massi Jake and I are almost always on or around and down to do bossing. Massi does a shit ton of ToB and basically nothing else lmao.
  9. I have evidence that can put Romney in the dirt permanently hmu $5 paypal and it's yours.

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    2. Tyler


      sorry but this isn't blackmail i don't want money from the likes of you.

    3. Sail


      listen here gayler, its over now kid. 

    4. •ÐŠ• Randy

      •ÐŠ• Randy

      We already know @Sail is a closeted liberal 

  10. Does this mean we can't blow peoples cars up anymore? Or that we can and get away with it easier now?
  11. "Hey Jake wanna ToB?" *Silence* *30 mins later* "Yo Jake wanna ToB?" * silence* *5 minutes later* Jake - "God bro these randoms im doing ToB with suck bro"
  12. Nah im actually up like 500m there
  13. and @Jake is a lucky lil bitch too oh and so am i xD
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