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  1. Tyler

    serious question

    i mean i'm 6'7
  2. Tyler

    serious question

    I'll stand thanks don't wanna rub my arm in my own shit, hope you monkeys who sit don't mind the smell i guess.
  3. Tyler


    Yeah i might get a dob eventually just unfortunately it's a bit too large for the space i have to work with and since i live in Bortle 6 skies i'm going to have to be able to pack it up and move it to some nearby class 4 skies often if i want to get good shots without using a light pollution filter.
  4. Tyler


    Thanks Paco! I've been doing quite a lot of research into the topic and i think i'm going to get a Williams Optics RedCat 51 or equivalent telescope and probably just snag a Canon T3i and take out the filter on my own. The only thing i don't really know how to do is stack the images (i know theres a program that does it automatically for you) but the color correction in Photoshop etc are probably going to be the hardest part in my opinion. By the way considering what you had to work with at the time that's a really great photo of Saturn! I tried taking some of Jupiter a long time ago and totally failed since it was much too bright for my cell camera lol.
  5. Tyler


    Yeah i knew all of this already been studying up on everything that i can before i try and dive right in. I already have some good ideas for Bortle 4 skies which is about as good as it gets in Charleston. And yeah i actually purchased the premium Stellarium phone app.
  6. Tyler


    Those aren't mine you dumb fuck "Here's an example of some wonderful Astrophotography done by AstroBackyard on Youtube after it's been stacked and processed:" And if i started it wouldn't be a job or anything. It would be all hobby level stuff until i get a degree for physics/astronomy.
  7. Tyler


    Yeah it can be, probably going to get a Canon Rebel t3i and a nice Refractor telescope and just get some really nice landscape lenses.
  8. Tyler


    Looking to get in to Astrophotography in the near future and was wondering if i should take the time to post any really good pictures here on the forums or not? I personally don't like posting things that are super off-topic too often but maybe i can make a thread for myself and others to share. Also this wouldn't start like tomorrow or anything it would take some time for me to learn the camera and image stacking/post-processing to bring out the light since usually it's much too faint to see normally unless you have an amazingly clear night and perfect exposure times. Here's an example of some wonderful Astrophotography done by AstroBackyard on Youtube after it's been stacked and processed: Andromeda taken in Bortle 4 skies: Elephant's Trunk Nebula in Bortle 6 skies:
  9. Gz to @Nick and @Sky funny how i said it would be cool if the two of you got it. Even if one of you is a wanna be ghandi
  10. The 50 cal penetrates like a mad man yeah i know it takes some thinking from the rebels to realize why it's so overpowered.
  11. Yeah because SGTs and below can shoot 1km + with the weapons they are provided on a target that can move the second you even start getting close.
  12. I mean to be honest the 50 cal is a fucking 1km+ fully automatic sniper rifle. Of course people are going to complain when you have the ability to hover an Orca 1km out with a 50 cal shitting on everyone and everything that moves.
  13. Downing rounds as they're* (Fuck you @Jake) called not "Knockdown rounds" do the same amount of damage as normal rounds they just have a thresh hold i "think" it's like 5hp or something where they will instead of killing you heal you and down you. So literally it's like a 5hp advantage and you can get back up and shoot more cops if they don't restrain you/lethal you in time. They are literally absolute cancer 90% of the time when fighting a group of rebels because no matter what you do unless you down a majority of the enemy all you're doing is eliminating a shooter for a minute and they are right back up shooting. Also i don't know what you're expecting from Asylum but it's not some crazy RP GTA server or anything. It's literally "Hey i want to kill you" the other person either saying "Please don't" or "Ok you can try" you fight and whoever wins goes and find someone else to kill. There is no "Valuing your life" or anything here unless you are a cop you aren't supposed to commit suicide basically and that's about it.
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