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  1. Yeah because shooting someone in the back when they still have a black loading screen and don't even see their character yet means you are good at the game.
  2. It's ok he will just wait til you aren't looking or just camp Air HQ for you to get on cop and shoot you in the back of the head like the rat he is. Ask @DarkKnight the dude never plays fair he will wait for the most annoying possible time to fuck you over.
  3. Tyler


    This is a mosaic taken by NASAs Hubble Telescope in one of the darkest patches of the night sky... every single thing you see in this photo is another galaxy except for a couple of stars.
  4. Tyler


    Which one? The most recent wasn't taken by me but by a Youtuber name Peter Zelinka i posted it as a preview for the new telescope i just bought for imaging. But yes they are extremely mind boggling. Galaxies really trigger that sense of being tiny for me. Just imagine every star we can see in the night sky is in our own galaxy EVERY SINGLE ONE, and we can't even see most of the stars in our galaxy they are just too small, too dim, too far away, or obstructed from view by the galactic core. But when we take photos of Andromeda, The Whirlpool, Spindle, Black Eye, etc it's just a whole new perspective of just how small we are in this huge huge universe.
  5. Tyler


    Just a quick update... after cancelling our vacation due to coronavirus concerns I decided to put some of the money I saved towards my new found astrophotography hobby... I hope to be posting some truly stunning photos here soon for those who care I puchased a William Optics SpaceCat 51 APO Refractor. Here is an example of the Orion Nebula (the object i have been photographing with just a camera and lense) through the SpaceCat51/RedCat51 Credit goes to Peter Zelinka for his photo of Orion and the Running Man/Horsehead Nebulae: So excited!!!
  6. Damn the F*ck the Police skin used to be one of my favs to wear as an UC.
  7. I can see it now... You're on your way to Athira rebel to grab mags or something and get domed by some rando with a pistol and he disarms you? Oh i'd be fucking PISSED.
  8. China not number one anymore now is it? @YuSheng
  9. I was wrong about what he said lmao that was someone else my b.
  10. First off, just because you played the role for cash doesn't mean everyone does. If you camp in Kavala hitting up everyone with a 1k+ bounty for cash then that's you. Most of the people who actually play cop though play way different. They patrol, respond to 911s, and are constantly in a fight losing money. The people who play cop solely for money most of the time get kicked off pretty quickly anyways for one reason or another. Look at @Jake when he was an LT he lost like 2m+ just by playing and i had to give the dude cash for redgull because he had like $5 in his bank. Also you talk about 250k as if that's a lot of money... do a meth run sometime. When my old gangs used to run Meth we would make like 180k ea for 30-45 mins of work.
  11. Tyler


    Alright... so here is a more final image after a good amount of time in Photoshop trying to color correct, stack, and eventually major noise reduction. I'm a lot more proud of this one even though I still have a bit of star trailing (just can't be helped until i get a star tracker and better tripod) The Orion Nebula 12 images stacked and processed (taken in class 6 skies on 3/14/2020)
  12. I thought children couldn't get sick? Guess doesn't count if you're only a child mentally jk jk.
  13. Tyler


    This is one of the pictures i took after running it through Photoshop with very basic changes mostly to darken the back ground and brighten the stars and nebula a bit.
  14. Tyler


    So I was surprised to even get this, obviously it's a horrible photo with the noise and lack of detail BUT i'd say it was a good first attempt in my opinion.
  15. Tyler


    For those who care, i was able to finally get a passable beginner astrophotography setup recently and I am now in the process of learning. I doubt i will have anything to share really unless I somehow get lucky and get a great shot in the learning phase which i highly doubt. Nonetheless I am super excited to get started. My current set up is: Canon T3i DSLR Super Takumar 200mm F3.5 Just a tripod and remote shutter control for now until i can put the money down for a star tracking mount and eventually a nice telescope.
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