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  1. Got to get a montage going just of Nathan being killed by @killer11
  2. In-Game Name [KGB] Ycrep Ewallitzif Age- 19 APD rank: Corporal Arma Hours(Screenshot)- https://gyazo.com/ae6137cc05af048588339f03fd84d7fb Banked Money- 1.1mill Have you ever been Banned?- Yes,VDM/RDM/ Etc. Most ever has been 3 days been here since 2017 as a wise man once said, sometimes shit happens. Most recently was I think 2018 at some point, hasn't been a while. Current/Past Gangs- KGB Do you have a Mic/Teamspeak?- Yes / Yes What's your interest in joining Drunk Squad?- I've been the leader of the KGB for a long long time, I took it from the OG S2
  3. Honestly I like it more, makes there need to be more of a hunt in order to bring bounties in. The one downside of it I would say is you get the guys who feel the need to leap from the roof of the bank because they're stuck, and we cant down them because its useless. But then again we get them eventually, 10/10 would keep lethal without $$ reward
  4. Season 9 of the KGB will begin on this coming Saturday, September 5. So far we have 12 of our former S8 members coming back, anyone else who wishes to join should apply here and I will give you the info
  5. Imagine changing the name of your gang twice in like a month, because your leader got banned and is therefore unwilling to come back to the community, so you continue to make stupid names of gangs. Very cool, 10/10 Good luck
  6. Ahh yes what a perfect time of US racial tension to get some good ol’ cotton farming role play.......
  7. While that makes sense and perhaps I can make cigarette sales higher, most legal money making methods are shitty. This could act as beginner good illegal one, as you don’t need the houses of scotch, nor the big trucks or really the houses of meth. The boat kind of neutralizes any buffs that experienced players gain over time. the way the economy works atm is legal is trumped by illegal methods, I was building off that same theme
  8. I was informed that stuff in the northwest would be unlikely. its on an island because it’s hard to get to, and the price can be nerfed. Cpl+ bcuz it’s hard to get to. I was looking for places on the map without stuff hence stavros. There is a legal option, but the money is gonna be shit if it isn’t illegal too the ticket price was based off the per unit price in comparison to meth and uranium. With the boat I’m now gonna jack it up to be comparable with other methods
  9. This was the original post: There isn't enough ways to make money, and here is my idea: Tobacco. Illegal Tobacco: https://gyazo.com/bc9589c5d5577c4d2eabd7f8560d0ca8 There is an island in the middle of the Pyrgos Bay, it is called Makrynisi. For the sake of argument refer to it as Cuba, Cuba has the best damn Tobacco in this whole wide world, and baby is it worth a whole lot. The United Nations has an embargo on Cuban tobacco so if you want to run it you've got to hide it from those coppers! Take out a boat at the Pyrgos or associated boat shops and go on out
  10. I was talking to @Leady the other day and he said one of the reasons that we don’t develop the north west corner of the map is how inaccessible it is by road. I used to run scotch in mohawks, and now I run crank in my taru slinging hemmts, this would just make it less glitchy @Bread
  11. As many of you know the Taru Helicopter is an excessively modular helicopter with a potential for many variants that we do not have in asylum. One of which is the Cargo variant. Now, the Taru lift is already very OP as it can lift everything up to a hemmt transport, however with Arma being fucking arma you are more likely to blow your 90k helicopter up when trying to slingload anything than actually move something from place to place. So here is my suggestion. A $200,000 heavy lift cargo helicopter that has the same base storage capacity as what the taru lift can slingload. (I.e 900),
  12. If this is one that can’t be added so be it but I figured it was worth a shot
  13. I feel super duper insulted that no one decided to include the KGB in any possibilities, Fuck y'all we're down
  14. Guys couldn’t be joking any more. Like I think my head couldn’t handle the compression if that was any more sarcastic. Love you all goodnight
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