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  1. Old prestige system was stupid but maybe making something so that there is continued end game objectives for players as they get more experienced if possible would be I think interesting. River and a bunch of rebels want more guns to kill people with and I think this is a decent way to implement those. It would operate like Call of Duty, whenever you prestige to a level you would lose whatever monetary value that it was. Level 1- 5 Mill Ability to buy Qilin's with doors Ability to buy prowlers with doors Skins, Horns etc. Level 2-10 Mill Ability to craft RPK-12 Ability to craft RPG-7/Ammo (IK but change it) Ability to buy increased vehicle storage upgrades on Box trucks+ Level 3- 20 Mill Ability to craft Zafir Ability to buy CMR-76 Ability to buy 4-five Level 4- 30 Mill Ability to buy Huron (CIV) Ability to buy FA-18 Unarmed Level 5- 60 Mill Ability to buy Y-32 Xian Ability to Craft MAR-10/Some other HP rifle, if there is also a way to make it so that you have to have this to hold the gun would be cool/necessary Each rank would have titles, maybe some custom money-oriented horns, and maybe a specific vehicle skin, like wolfdew is. Just an idea what do people think/feasibility
  2. I hope you slip on a banana peel and end up face down in a container of elephant dung
  3. Not a bad idea, reminds me of how GTA 5 online used to work when they added those companies you could buy with the missions and stuff.
  4. I’m having this weird issue with the rain it obscures the boxes on my screen and I can’t shoot someone through the back of an Ifrit from 500m WTF
  5. For me scroll wheeling and hitting T every couple of minutes isn’t fun. Trying to make it more in-depth to make money rather than just clicking a button. More involved. I’m sure that we could figure out the time required to make it equal to where it is now but still keep the same level of involvement
  6. Revert drugs to how they were before. 1.Coke-) Run in the pit 2. Heroine-) Pick the red poppy flowers 3. Weed -) Pick the flowers 4. Ephedra-) Picking flowers 5. Fungi -) Picking mushrooms 6. Uranium-) Need to drive a tractor around the outside of the mine collecting the uranium that comes out of the mine. *No gathering speed boost from tractor*
  7. Do you have a question about something on the server? Check to see if it's on the Wiki! If there are any issues, please feel free to let me know! Gaming Asylum Wiki (gaming-asylum.com)
  8. +1 incentivize people to play during the test to get a head start
  9. I don’t know the solution but I think this is a good idea. But as a full solution not a stopgap. I think that if you want to explore that Avenue there needs to be safe guards in place to prevent the quick massing of wealth that brought the server down. There’s an story about Irish boys who’s journey was stopped by a tall wooden wall seemingly too tall to cross, throwing their caps over the wall they had no choice but to follow. Sometimes you need to throw your caps over the wall
  10. You are a literal monkey who doesn’t know how to type in American next guy is gonna have to translate the whole server because of you
  11. While I think that may be helpful, most of the gatherings, mining, metal detecting, excavating, etc. All have sound effects attached to them, which stop when you fill up
  12. Wow, @Mitch fucking sucks
  13. CQC is an important part of Arma 3 gameplay. If you are an APD officer in need of CQC assistance there is CQC fighting built into many trainings. Subscribe to the #apd-announcements channel in the discord to see when trainings are being held. Many of these will reduce one day off your cadet week and count as some of the two required trainings to apply for the rank of corporal! -APD Training Team
  14. Breaking the server rules and using mechanics to gain an advantage over your opponent during a fight, kind of ratty no?
  15. In my five years in this community I have never met more of a conniving little prick then @skimancoleall I ever hear is how admins help out their friends with gear and shit. This retard won’t even pay me for my trainings honest to god he needs to go. Not to mention the gall that he has to ban people who break the rules? What a fucking a freak show. I hear he even plays the server does he know he’s an admin?
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