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  1. Hours on Arma 3: idk like 1.6k or something. Do you have a working mic: no i sat on it. Do you have team speak: ye On a scale of 1 to 10 (1 being lowest, 10 being highest) how mature are you: honestly, it depends. i can be a 10 and a 1 Will you use tactical communications when asked: you mean like swat? Will you prioritize helping a gang member out over everything: if it means me goin to jail. fuck that kid.
  2. I'm assuming that you normally play in Kavala, as most medics do. 1. If someone says don't revive said person, DO NOT revive that person. Easiest rule to follow. 2. Keep your car locked. If you leave your car unlocked, then you shouldn't be complaining about getting your car stolen. 2a. If you keep your car locked, then attempt to keep an eye on it at all times. You cant lose what you see. 3. Try to avoid cartels. rebel bases and other illegal areas in a heli, normally there are fights going out at cartels and rebel and its usually gang members reviving each other. So there's no use in flying all the way out there. Since it's a shoot on sight area, you're gonna be shot at. *if you think you got RDM'd submit a report, and get the fuck banned.
  3. try deleting your dll folder you'll basically just have to reinstall all the mission files from all servers you played on before. this should help. Steam folder>steamapps>common>arma 3
  4. and you can buy 9mm suppressors too. they're only there for 9mm for a reason, they're only for the p07 and sting. they're not going to give suppressors to marksman rifles or assault rifles.
  5. lol they're illegal because they'd be op for civs. ya got a head you can use?
  6. hmm, i thought using people in police restrains as a shield wasn't allowed.
  7. Making threads like this asking if people like/hate you makes me hate you.
  8. Not sure if anybody here is a fan of flume, but I absolutely love his music, he just dropped his album today (yesterday night since he lives in aus) and I want to know what you guys think, whether you're a fan or not.
  9. xFurnish


    mm lp2 was the last thing i listened to him. heard he opened a label. kinda stopped "caring" about him after mm lp2 got old.
  10. This isn't going to happen. No admins want to sit around and have to keep watch on all these medics, to make sure that they are following all the rules that would have to be implemented. I would openly volunteer to make sure that these whitelisted medics were doing the right shit and not breaking the rules.
  11. 10/10 stream, no viewbots!
  12. Will this be applied to everyone who has already donated?
  13. had gyro's for the first time a couple months ago, pretty freaking tasty.
  14. it isnt. people are confused on why it isnt.
  15. Shaking My Head, cant handle the Gypsy Hunters I see...
  16. What's up with this "Recorded, Reported" message at the top right whenever I open my wanted list?
  17. 5 Guys, amazing burgers/frys imo, but greasy as fuck.
  18. good shit, but im interested in who that kiddo was who came in screaming at the end.
  19. xFurnish


    This topic sucks.
  20. xFurnish


    im signing you up for gay porn sites.
  21. oh god, why put that runaway remix at the end? it sounded god awful.
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