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  1. Imagine being accused of cheating, still being dog shit and rarely playing
  2. Because I’m the supreme overlord and I said so.
  3. He hasn’t played in about six year, about 3-4 years ago the forums got hacked and the whole database got wiped out and everyone had to create a new account. So if he hasn’t played in 6 years, and is just coming back to the game, it would mean he wouldn’t of had his old account and had to make a new one.
  4. Both accepted as trials, you guys have discord already
  5. Accepted for trial, will send discord information over a PM
  6. I mean Addon only had to spend like $500 for them, not to mention it was @Boris that technically got them for him anyway.
  7. lets bump this up though... lmao
  8. Badabitch, I need you to get on Friday, we're going to do some drinking and stuff with the boys, like the old days, you know if you're able. Maybe I will bring Taz along with.

    1. BaDaBiNg_10-8


      When I buy another computer. Just bought a new house, so once I clear escrow I will be back around. End of February timeframe. 

    2. Bag


      The boomer bought a fucking house boys, i cant believe it.

    3. BaDaBiNg_10-8


      This is my second house youngster! I will tell you all about it one day. 

  9. Pooosssaaay when you coming back?

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. BaDaBiNg_10-8


      Next month possibly, just bought a new house. 

    3. Goku


      Well good! Im looking forward to our fucked up fridays with @Clint Beastwood and @Mitch (IFRIT)

    4. Clint Beastwood

      Clint Beastwood

      I dont play anymore.  Dont even have Arma installed.

  10. Goku

    Im BACK

    I'm coming back to @House.
  11. Every one has to start somewhere, aint that right @MatthewV fucking nerd.
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