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  1. what a meme oh shit I think I posted this in the wrong section.
  2. S tier: Sneeze, sneeze, sneeze and sneeze A tier: Sneeze, achoo, sneeze and finally sneeze honorable mentions: cough
  3. DeSt


    Wow some low life is actually ruining our quarantine experience.
  4. you think the soldiers in ww2 had auto run? NO! In fact they had to actually run like in real life.
  5. honestly, torrment be getting smacked by requiem everyday. the only thing torrmenting about your gang is the bank account you have after i own u with my rahim.
  6. Say that but I dominate you with a rahim
  7. Just for a second imagine if you actually sneezed
  8. if we let him on the server we will all contract coronavirus and syphillis.
  9. Look how they slaughtered my boy
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