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    I played BF4 professionally for two years as the team's head sniper. I obviously like playing Arma 3, and I'm into film-making in the real world.

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  1. In-Game Name: VexationAge:17Hours on Arma 3 (provide screenshot): 115 Hours. Know its not a lot, but I've gained more experience through research outside the game. (If you want a screenshot for those hours I can provide it, but I think it's pretty small)Bank Balance (provide screenshot): $85,533 - I am awaiting compensation for two Orca Helicopters that were stolen by a cop (IKR, a cop seriously) before a server reset.Have you ever been banned?: All clean.Previous Gangs: Channel 11 News, Butthole Bandits, Channel 4 NewsWhy do you want to join?: I've interacted with a couple of the Reaper members, and they've helped me out a lot. I've actually supported two Reaper members when they were engaged with cops in Kavala, in a gunfight between Reapers, Novikov Family and the cops.What can you bring to the gang?: Although my hours are low, from playing BF4 professionally as my team's head sniper I've been able to apply those skills to Arma 3, which has similar mechanics. I'm also a pretty good heli pilot, and have played the role of extracting many troops in military operations.Current members that can vouch for you: Ron Johnson, Pvt. Sam, xBonte, Voni.
  2. Hey I'm interested. In-game name: Vexation
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