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  1. On 5/13/2024 at 1:00 PM, DarkKnight said:

    That shouldn't be a problem. We record it and take a lot of notes. 

    why did you not warn us before the meeting that it would be recorded? what if i dont want to be recorded? as my right as a human being i shall not be recorded... even when i rdm/vdm/be racist in game i shall refuse to be recorded.






    jk. no banaroni

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  2. 5 hours ago, Fried Rice said:

    I mean, yea they lag but so do you guys? The EU doesn’t have perfect ping either. I never encounter what you showed in these videos. Sure they get a kill here and there, but nothing wild. Me, vortex and tach were 3v13 last week and wiped them back to back for an hour or 2 with no complaints other than being outnumbered. When I connect to an EU server my ping is like 150-200, so I’m sure you FSA kids aren’t much better.


    Should we ban you guys as well since you have 100 more ping than me?

    the difference between 30ping and 130 ping is not as crazy as 30ping and 300 ping. the worst part is there is a select few that play consistently with 180-240 ping that aren't Chinese. for me as an example. i get 240 some days. i dont make or break a fight. ( yes i know im not god tier cartel fighter like yourself) But when there's 10 of these cunts running 300+ ping who dont even know enough English to communicate other than HANDS UP OR DIE it makes the average players experience cancer and it also makes or breaks a fight when your a gang of 3-6 up against them. how do you expect the average player to have fun on the server when there's 10 deep with 300 ping lagging around the cartel/event 1 shotting you, while tanking 10 to the head.

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  3. I feel like medic items in houses are a huge waste of space, defibs 20weight, blood bags are 3, trying to kit out of houses is super heinous because of it especially if you are using them to make money etc

    - would be cool if medics could install a medic box in houses keeping all the medic items in within the box doesn't add any weight to the house. installation of this box would require a medic to do and at a high cost to the home owner. 250-500k per box, 1 box per house allowing the storage of 10 defibs, 20 blood bags, 30 adrenalines, 50 faks.  (numbers are just a suggestion) 

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  4. honestly, with it being max 8 tokens, longer and more cops required everyone should be refunded their money for tokens and reset everyone's prestige to X. call it testing and now we have a system people can do it properly and the way it was supposed to be not have 1/2 of the community who play daily have all the tokens and have the other half never have the chance to obtain 🙂

  5. 1 hour ago, Boomerman said:

    the prestige change is kinda wild seeing that a bunch of people already grinded out the event from big groups and got prestige 2-3. basically will make this impossible to get for any regular player.

    But its supposed to be end game content....





    apart from every man and his dog is tier 2-3 already

  6. 13 minutes ago, Ebola said:

    Theres 7 rebels total. 6 fixed locations and 1 rotating one. If you feel one is being camped just go to another rebel or get good and counter the camper(s).

    such a wise response ebola..







  7. 2 hours ago, Matttt said:

    The whole shit with camping out in Rebel Outpost is just fucking cringe. It's just not cool for bounty hunters to hang around there like it's some kind of chill spot, waiting for their targets while snacking away. And regular Civs/Rebels shouldn't be doing it either, especially when there's stuff going down elsewhere. Like seriously, if someone decides to camp out in the rebel Outposts during a fight, whether they're from the same gang or not, it's just not cool.

    Maybe we could set a timer, like you can only hang around there for 5 minutes max, and if you're still there, the rebel zone gets marked on the map with a red circle to warn others that someone might be lurking around. And let's be real, if you're against this idea, you're probably one of those camping or you're just spending all your time playing dress-up in the clothing shop.

    +1 stops the Chinese rats sitting there at night

  8. 1 minute ago, Rustmaan said:

    This will never happen 

    why? it means more people can own houses, it can even be a money sink. make it every 1k storage you put into the house cost 500-1mill.  The Tax could be higher than normal as i dont really know what the tax is currently i didnt make a comment about it.


    also think just loggin on to pay tax is complete shit, there should be a play time requirement to keep houses. you could request an Absent request like the apd ranging from 1month to 3 months but only once. if you dont have 20-30 hours a month to play the game why should you have the right to hold onto houses that others could be using? 

  9. As it currently stands each player can own 5 houses. This worked very well when we had 4-5 servers.

    Now we have 1 server and people are struggling to purchase houses. Either having to pay unbelievable amounts or spending hours a day searching with no luck.


    My suggestion is - raise house storage while reducing max house slots.

    Each person should be allowed to opt in or out, can either drop house slots or stay at 5.

    If one decides to opt in but decides to opt out at a later date you have X amount of time to empty anything from said house before its reverted back to original state

    Examples are done on a 3c.

    example 1.

    Player decides to lower his max house slots to 4 allowing him to upgrade all houses from 3000V and 1000P to 7500V and 2500P at a cost of 1million

    Player decides to lower his max house slots to 3 allowing him to upgrade all houses from 7500V and 2500P to 12000V and 4000P at a cost of 4million


    example 2.

    Player has 5 houses with max storage of 3000virtual and 1000physical and decides to drop 1 slot allowing him to upgrade a single house to 7500V and 3000P for free

    Player has 4 house slots they decide to drop 1 more to get 2 houses with 10000V and 4000P for free.


    with this more people could own houses, im not sure how allowing houses to hold more virtual and physical storage would affect the performance etc. obviously the numbers are subject to change just a generous example also 1C and 2C would need to be offered at a lower rate.+-

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