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  1. lol what ban buddy? rent free dude
  2. Why not just have both gang fort and gang boat start at the same time? Each gang has to choose which one to fight. If they go to gang fort, they lose gang boat points, and vice versa. This would allow more gangs to get them, instead of having the same shit gang afk cap them for the last 7 months. Also, change the times, who the fuck is home at 3pm other than 16 year olds.
  3. Ofc I use combat stance Westside on top TP doesn't even play?????
  4. Bro you don't even post clips stfu*
  5. Yeah exactly Reliable&consistent > cheaper
  6. Music: 1 Editing: 1 quality was shit Gameplay: 6 Ripping me out of frit: -420
  7. Music: 0 wtf was this shit Editing: 2 too slow Gameplay: 7 Killing me while disconnecting: -420
  8. Shit suggestion, there's already a speed bomb and a car phone bomb
  9. This is what occupies the mind of rando? Fucking weed names
  10. Can you just list meth mats on exchange dude, wtf
  11. Mad cuz you could never rob/arrest me
  12. $24k to put a frit into gang garage $70k to claim Make separate option to claim to gang garage, costs $94k. It's not really changing the money, it's making it easier for a gang to claim/transfer vehicles. If you own Zaros, it's all free, so I guess that could be a benefit to avoiding the $24k transfer fee. Uhhh I'm literally #1 on most vehicles claimed. I already do this, suggestion is to make it easier for the entire gang to do it. Just don't change the money, add option to claim to gang garage, for same price - free if u have zaros
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