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  1. In-Game Name:BroFix Age:17 Timezone:EU Arma 3 Hours (screenshot):you know me so i dont need screenshot Bank Balance (screenshot):100K Do you have a mic and TeamSpeak:yes Current and Past Gangs:NEMSIS TRIBAL GENSYS RED LETTER What do you have to offer us:nothing Any member that can vouch for you:all of you love you guys (:::::
  2. In-Game Name:BroFix Age:17 Bank Balance:not a lot 4K but i can make money Hours on Arma 3 (provide screenshot):https://gyazo.com/903a612cda5d52470e47c7b922a7e211 Steam profile(Your can pm me this if you don't want it public):http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198314040264/ Do you have a mic and Discord?yes Do you know any members of our gang? vatos i have a previous gangs like:nemsis tribal genesys red letter
  3. - In game name?BroFix - Age?17 - Hours on Arma 3 (screenshot):https://gyazo.com/75a315b764f476e9b63d32c1f5bed243 - Do you have a mic and ts? yes - Bank balance? (screenshot from My Asylum) https://gyazo.com/b780d2bacdeda38b3b4d12e9e4af5242 - Past gangs? Tribal, Genesys, Red letter - What can you bring to the gang? Swizzle my little brother -Timezone: EU
  4. Requirements - Experienced cartel player - Know how to communicate effectively - Financially stable and able to stay that way - Sufficient gang experience - Team Player - Active - 500+ Hours Application Format - In-Game Name: - Timezone - Age: - Arma 3 Hours (Screenshot): - Previous Gangs: - What makes you better than everyone else: -Any members who can vouch for you, if so who:
  5. - In-game name :Stainex - Timezone :EU - Arma 3 Hours? :700 - Previous Gangs : Tribal -Why Should we accept you? : cuz i am good shooter any ranges i play 1 year PVP servers and i know RP rules and i am good in flying heli
  6. In-Game Name:BroFix Age:18 Asylum Play Time: 1 month i think Location/Timezone:GMT Bank Balance:160K Have you ever been banned?:Yes 1 time because i accident RDM some one when my mic was broken Do you have sufficient cartel experience?:yes Do you know any members of Solidarity?: Yes, Matty and Wilhalm
  7. ͏In-͏g͏a͏m͏e ͏n͏a͏m͏e: ͏BroFix(like bro) Ti͏m͏e͏z͏o͏n͏e: ͏GMT EU Ho͏u͏r͏s ͏o͏n ͏a͏r͏m͏a 3 (͏s͏c͏r͏e͏e͏n͏s͏h͏o͏t): ͏http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=921254379 Pr͏e͏v͏i͏o͏u͏s ͏g͏a͏n͏g ͏a͏f͏f͏i͏l͏i͏a͏t͏i͏o͏n͏s: ͏None Wh͏y ͏w͏e ͏s͏h͏o͏u͏l͏d ͏a͏c͏c͏e͏p͏t ͏y͏o͏u: i think you should accept me because i am very good in arma i have skills i played PVP server for 1 year i know how to shoot right and i know to snipe a little bit and i am good in RP servers and i love this gang and i want to join
  8. ͏Ap͏p͏l͏i͏c͏a͏t͏i͏o͏n ͏f͏o͏r͏m͏a͏t ͏In-͏g͏a͏m͏e ͏n͏a͏m͏e: BroFix (like bro) Ti͏m͏e͏z͏o͏n͏e: ͏EU GMT Ho͏u͏r͏s ͏o͏n ͏a͏r͏m͏a 3 (͏s͏c͏r͏e͏e͏n͏s͏h͏o͏t): ͏http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=920035808 Pr͏e͏v͏i͏o͏u͏s ͏g͏a͏n͏g ͏a͏f͏f͏i͏l͏i͏a͏t͏i͏o͏n͏s: ͏ None Wh͏y ͏w͏e ͏s͏h͏o͏u͏l͏d ͏a͏c͏c͏e͏p͏t ͏y͏o͏u: i think you should take me because i am good in arma i play PVP 1 year i know how to shot and i know how to play RP and i am want to join your gang cuz you a good gang
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