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  1. Accepted, Please message me with some sort of contact and we will sort the rest out.
  2. Hello Kev, I would like to inform you that I have reviewed your application with the gang's co-leader @Kev and we have decided to accept your application. Welcome to Coca-Cola Production!
  3. Luck is something you don't need Massi, You are always welcomed.
  4. Our Introduction Hello to anyone reading this thread, I would like to announce the recruitment for the Server 3 gang Coca-Cola Production. We are currently a small gang with 3 members but we are looking for expansion. We are okay with keeping the gang small because we do not want "meatshields" we are looking for quality players. Our goals are to have a good grip over cartels and turf while still building a strong network of allies. We do not use TeamSpeak, we use Discord instead. Upon joining Coca-Cola Production you may be selected to join a subsidiary called "ASS", Asylum Security Services. For more information feel free to message me or @Kev Requirements Knowledge of Cartels, Turf, and Asylum Minimum of 100 hours in-game Experience with guns in Arma Application Age: In-game Name: In-game Hours (Screenshot): Previous gangs: How active are you?: Why do you think you should join Coca-Cola Production?:
  5. Who calls it Kavala? Its called RDM City
  6. I didn't miss, He told me to shoot him and walked up to me and yeah took 6 shots to the head.
  7. Took me 6 shots with a downing pistol to knock a cop.
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