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  1. Sah dude its ya boi obi juan lets check that disc then!!!
  2. How old are you - 23 Hours on Arma3 (proof) - 2500 https://gyazo.com/b30fe80c1e5e31eac8a056498a5ddeea Previous Gangs - Imperium, Twelve monkeys, Lawless, Decimate, the uninvited, Maniacal What timezone are you in - Mtn time How much money do you have - Idk enough lol
  3. I just got esea lol did you not read "and I know i'm bad but whatever still hype!"
  4. Yes, I win these XD I know the textures kinda fucked up when recording it, and I know i'm bad but whatever still hype!
  5. @BoDjango Good shit bro! i miss you brah XD -ObiJuanKapony
  6. Working on a new video! i know i suck at video editing and all that but i am learning! just a few clips of the fun iv had in battlegrounds over the past few days! Hit that sub button if this made you laugh and wanna see the full video later today!
  7. I love underground too! this guy is from Canada Vancouver BC
  8. The road to gold lol Come check out the stream if ya bored. https://www.twitch.tv/obijuankapony
  9. Cringe kid singing all star at the start XD Roast my stoner laugh XD
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