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  1. 2km from distillery
  2. always knew that elite guy was duping glad someone brought it to everyones attention
  3. the only solution is to just give all the extra honor to me so i can get apex without doing any sort of work
  4. got a shed right next to drug runner port 1 and oyster pro is only about 2 km away it has an airshop as well as doner rebel close by so its very easy to make it across the map and get gear at doner rebel
  5. Name in-game : KingOfNarniaa Timezone : western Hours(screenshot) : https://gyazo.com/fab59db8e8ab4f82df508f895794026a Previous Gangs : burat na malaki, christians Why should we accept you? : im pretty chill and know how to hold mouse 1 also willing to learn Who can vouch : no one
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