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  1. Yes I loved camping the bounty hunter scum
  2. Well they are cheaters so Maybe you haven't fought Bikstok before?
  3. You think anyone cares about an opinion coming from a shitter like you?
  4. Oh wow it looked like 1440x900 for a second to me, I'll have to try changing my interface size around some time. Thanks
  5. Something about having these numbers reminds me of good ol days and makes us feel unbeatable. Had a great night and I know the number will grow and the fun will. Asylum @Defragments
  6. Active firefight ! Don't RDM people its bad ! Stay away from active firefights if you don't want to risk getting shot !
  7. Approved for interview. Discord will be sent.
  8. mod q this man quick go ahead and put @Glass of Water on mod q as well
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