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  1. We would have to be able to execute in cities like Kavala and others. @Mitch (IFRIT) to get the Y from people there. I'd rather not be forced to get an execute charge though just to loot someones Y personally. It does suck getting shot when picking up your stuff after getting revived but it is part of the game and I accept it when that happens at this point. Which is honestly pretty rare.
  2. I was fighting cops tryna get extracted from that tower. I must say it was a very intense battle scene and the chopper only made it that much more awesome. Best night with admiNs in a long time for me. Clint and Mitch are fun af.
  3. Wth I want to play medic now ! lol jk I'm a fucking rebel medic. This latest talent is great, I just hop in my orca and go pick up my buddy that died.
  4. Things are working as intended.
  5. DJB

    issues running cod

    How does it run for you?
  6. DJB

    issues running cod

    how much ram you have. I have the same problem but bc I have 8 gb. I think it would be fine with 16gb. How much you guys have?
  7. ohhh you sayin the story line is edgy? No spoilers though I haven't played it... Or the game play / mechanics?
  8. I been playing the shit out of it already 30
  9. DJB


    Perhaps be required to pull the money out? But then again it does change the game a lot. Like Infamous said it could mess things up by giving people less opportunity to get clipped while buying. Would take that aspect of suspense out and whatnot.
  10. Yea it freaks me out when I fly by that place RIP half my hp.
  11. this beat cool, needs more build up and some sort of change in the middle. Be intuitive and feel it! You don't have to follow the rules. Usually it takes a few years before one starts to break the rules and do their thing with what their art is ( personally mine is piano.)... Because at that point they would want to end them self if forced to follow the same pattern and rules over and over and over for the rest of their lives. But just keep making beats and putting them out eventually you will have so many and some are going to be fireee. On a whole different subject though if you wanted to become famous or for your beats to... You would have to find platforms like Goyney mentioned. Even social medias and stuff like that are a great place to push your stuff out there. Advertise and what not.
  12. Unless low key they are trying to actually make USA like China and Russia... o.O... or it may just be because a world war with current tech would be very bad to say the least. Yes I used to be a conspiracy theorist and still am to some degree.
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