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  1. In Game Name: John Karter age:17 timezone: na east hours on arma 3: 2000 previous: gangs to many fish, kingsmen,task force sentinel, forsaken, others any vouch: nah, goku stole the bank money
  2. Follow Format Ingame name: WasBrakin Hours Played: 1600 on asylum Method of money making: everything prefer meth coke Skills: driving shooting ight at flyin
  3. No requirments we plan to do gang shit rob bank cartels fed locker prison And much more
  4. In-game name: kadak back Age: 16 Arma 3 hours (screenshot): https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1766656510 Past/Current Gangs: kingsmen fish some others I dont remember the names to them but currently in my own solo gang wanting to join another. Are there any current members who can vouch for you? Not that i know of.
  5. Make it to where people can put hits on other people but also the server automatically puts hits out some how.
  6. Things you need to join: 1. At least 1000 hours in-game [Exceptions can be made] 1.3k 2. More than 500k in your bank account 1.5mill 3. Must be 17 years or older [Exceptions can be made for maturity] 16 4. Must have a knowledge of cartels/turfs/cop activities easy 5. Must follow all server rules yea I do that Application Template: 1. What's your in-game name? kadak back 2. Why do you want to join Purge? I want to do gang shit 3. Have you been in any other previous gangs? (If so which ones) a lot I don't rememb
  7. In game name: Kadak back Hours spent on Arma [Check steam overlay]: 1300 Hours spent on Asylum [Approximately]: All of them Wealth [Money]:1,070,000 707k in presteige Current/ Past gangs:fish,kingsmen,good burger, rpd, others that I don't remember srry Age: 16 Why do you want to join our gang? Because im looking for a active gang to do cartels banks and feds with. Also to have a good time with. What do you bring to the gang? Good rp, decent shot, wealthy, experienced in cartels for the most part. Do you know any members of our gang? N
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