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  1. Addon

    Goodbye Asylum

    they didn't wanna give you a chance in prime but i accepted you as trial. can definitely say we weren't disappointed. have fun wherever else you end up at my man.
  2. damn dawg u did him dirty making him apply n shit...
  3. Addon

    Change log 8.1.2

    scott is a FUCKING SERGEANT.....
  4. Addon

    Change log 8.1.1

    i left 11 months ago and it's only at 8.1.......
  5. @Clint Beastwoodshe SHE.
  6. what the fuck has happened to asylum man...
  7. I remember when people actually cheated blatantly for months and never got banned. now every person that plays with semi-high dpi, has thousands of hours, and knows how to control their recoil is automatically using a pulldown script and gets banned. no wonder this community is dying.
  8. https://www.twitch.tv/addongamer ask me questions
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