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  1. @Calii broooo why would u tell them
  2. prolly 6k uid ur commenting on an old ass post
  3. it’s unlisted like every other montage i’ve ever posted ??
  4. fuck all u bitches who thought i was cheating
  5. gonna miss the homie @Lorax is at t spawn :(

  6. @Lorax care to explain?
  7. the homie @Lorax is at Canal
  8. After Lucien's ban @Lorax is now spinbotting on CSGO... Maybe he is preparing for Arma???.......
  9. its pretty rough being the best cs player NA.....

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    2. goyney


      oOoOoOO sorry skeeter

    3. Peterr


      @Addon Damn bro can you show me your pov of me asking please?

    4. ConnorH
  10. hey can i be in this thing?
  11. as we climb the ranks of the csgo ladders, we have come to find out that no matter what game we play there is absolutely zero competition. greatest group of video game players known to man. by far.
  12. you're absolutely clueless nobody said shit. you just don't like me because im actually black fkin weirdo.
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