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  1. Anyone wanna run some AU?
  2. https://gyazo.com/78a804c1c1aca61334177687db64e9f2 @Kituii Misconduct btw
  3. U should go back to WoW.... just a heads up
  4. youre an idiot if u think this is worth a mil
  5. Last clip was good. APD in 2020
  6. I think it’s dumb that I buy a shed for 7mil and get it taken by admins because of the location
  7. Sell rpg’s and rpk’s for blood money. Maybe even MXM’s or Zafir mags
  8. 100% man. Lets get someone elses opinion who doesnt play with admins 24/7
  9. take a look... u guys get admins to play against people who dont have admins.... admins spawn nades loadouts and have unlimited money giving HUGE cuts to the other players in their group. This then gives so much money to the regular players its not fun anymore.... u guys have done the exact thing ceo of fed did.... u make all the cops log off https://gyazo.com/943e7ca3c3717586850fef674a4a7d85 you would think this would force people into gang fights but it doesnt because gang life is dead and boring
  10. you dont get anything from fighting other gangs... its a waste of time and money. The fight every once in awhile is fun but there is no incentive. Increase blood money per kill and lets be honest... no gangs are active. Its admin's vs players at this point. IMO its literally a private server for u guys
  11. where do i get my reward? @Hunter the reporter
  12. Yes let me use a sting against people with armor. If trg is legal so should spar... Antoine I could kidnap u with a po7 that’s the only reason u don’t want anything legalized
  13. @ColtonB205 yes but adding the illegal firearm charge is 2.5k its nothing.... the issue is when people try and bounty hunt they are doing so and a cop sees him with his MX and takes it which yes... they are required to do, but the issue is that people use the MX/Spar because when people have armor the 9mm and .45 dont do much and the TRG is pretty useless. IMO why not legalize the spar for bhunters if the TRG is already legal...
  14. Thats why we need members
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