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  1. They dont get reports on themselves bro what??? The only APD members can don’t have to follow the guidebook are captains everyone else is held just as accountable. If u report an LT it’ll go to the captains. I’m not even high enough rank to use them and I think the drones are fair. What decides what officer is allowed to use them?
  2. You need to delete this asap. This is why oly has more pop
  3. 1 active drone per officer. Perhaps rub a couple brain cells together and see which higherups are online and make an IA and I’m sure the higher ups and even admins if needed can deal with it accordingly.
  4. Looking into a redzone with a drone is not allowed
  5. Soooo. We are dropping the 5minute 3 kill tage 🔥🔥
  6. You aren’t getting promoted in the APD any higher bub
  7. All i remember is you would get 50% of the bounty added on and you would get no extra honor. Idk if that’s intentional or not but I would turn in 100k and get 100k plus a 50k bonus with no additional honor.
  8. Love u Molu nice aim on bank roof @.Shyfucking shitter
  9. real @Akulawhen are the winners for this going to be drawn?
  10. I think the boat that spawns for the oil rig needs to be a different boat other than the Motor Boat. It should be the minigun boat or atleast the RHIB so you can shoot off it and somewhat defend yourself. Much like the jewelry with the qilin minigun this shouldnt be different. Impossible to defend yourself when u have cop minigun boats and bench gunners
  11. I was never aware of them ever removing this. It def needs added back for crusader to have any use at all
  12. I’ve definitely bhunted since V2 and it gives me the 50% bonus
  13. Yes but the difference is the weapons they are adding are new and different and are actually gonna be used. No cadet is gonna use the sting over the spar and it’s pretty much a copy paste of the protector
  14. Just use protector. I also don’t think this is worth the effort of the devs to confirm it with the captains just for cadets to use the spar anyway
  15. Only 40-50k? I don’t think this was intentional if it is removed
  16. Can’t wait to hear the headshot sound for me not to get the kill.
  17. You just contradicted yourself. If cops are OP how has this event not been stopped 1 time
  18. Everything Oskarr is saying is correct. We have many new gen players thinking that cops are op and civs need to win more and shit but in reality this event is supposed to be the last event you do in progression. It is not supposed to be easy and should not have nearly as high a success rate as it does. Limiting a group cap is the only way I see fixing this because there is no reason for the server not to Zerg the event as everyone can get the token if completed
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