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  1. Thanks for your contribution Steve! Didnt think about that.
  2. I swear to god ive never seen you guys win
  3. Abu


  4. send message if you want to join abuuuu#3142
  5. they need to assign someone that knows how the game works to prevent false cheating bans
  6. wow you are shit
  7. that's a lot of nothing!
  8. 'lock me up longer' freak
  9. Abu

    House Drug

    this is the best cap
  10. DENIED thank you for aplying
  11. every single point you made is wrong
  12. The cop buffs stack. When compared to federal events a few years back you guys have so many advantages now. The fact cops need constant buffs just shows how low the skill level with apd is. Ur trash retard
  13. Abu

    Gang Base V2

    You want smaller gangs to have a chance so you propose adding a second gang base, but you also want to remove the group cap. Unless I understood wrong those contradict each other no?
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