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  1. I'm sorry but you're not waiting 3 seconds for reactions, its more like 1.5 in most, is that allowed with suicide vests?
  2. Welp they were fun to see used correctly while they lasted. I'm sure they won't stay long in the game now.....perfect!!
  3. Holy Shit...thank you both for explaining, I was thought for sure I would of got the some flack from this ask! haha thank you again! Bad Apples.....their everywhere.....
  4. I'm Confused....did Jeebs do the right thing with a lesson teaching? or was this proof of what is not allowed by Admins?
  5. I hate how people are so harsh with the devs, its not like they have a test sandbox that 60 people can join and do all sorts of shit at one time. They have a base code. They add to it, alter it, remove it, and it then goes back to a base code. To remove shit and figure out if that was causing the issue takes quite a bit of time. If they had 60 people willing to just sit there on the Test server for 8hrs or more and ready to do every freakin thing possible in the game at once, then sure it would be easy to test. But they are working with Live servers. Deal with it, I'm just still glad Asylum is here after so long. Keep killing it! I'm a Oracle SQL DBA and big data Analyst I feel your pain, though not as much, as I get paid more (something even).
  6. Holy Hell Shanks in Prison!!! Now i get to die out of prison and now in prison. Perfect!!
  7. SNOW CAMEO!!! that would be sweet!!
  8. WOOHOOO, and I'm back....not that anyone cares...
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