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  1. I can tell how old this guide is from 2 things. 1) No Mk20 showing up for cop weapons And the second is just depressing... 2) You can no long buy a Taru as it was considered to be way too OP. I wish we could still buy them, I love the Taru's...
  2. Sounds good man, sadly maybe upwards of a month though. Once it is up though, and I start working for TAA. I am gonna also do some tutorial videos on how to operate all the different planes currently available in Asylum Australia.
  3. You've seen me fly already lol. Also, as stated earlier. My laptop is currently dead, I'm gonna be sending it into MSI in the next couple days as I just got my RMA number.
  4. Lmfao wtf...I didn't know you could get in there!
  5. 10/10 Flying. Ive personally spent some time in the air with Tiefman. As a pilot myself with almost 85% of my time in ArmA being in the air. I can say without a shadow of a doubt. I'd fly with him any day.
  6. Thrown in some pre-signed waivers of liability with forged signatures of all my passengers and you got yourself a pilot!
  7. Awesome, now I do gotta cover one thing. You don't do drug testing right? Flying is a tough task that wears on the mind, sometimes I resort to using some white powder to keepy eyes open on those cross country flights. I wouldn't want one of those pesky tests ruining our mutual money making.
  8. You may want to hop in a help and tab out (I know that causes more frame drops for you) and bring up your task manager and see where your CPU power is getting siphoned from. That is more than likely your issue, especially IF you're running your helicopter draw distance at anything higher than the stock 1000. So far as I'm aware, the only memory leak issue that asylum is encountering is from the Australia map itself. Which paratus confirmed in his reply to my comment yesterday on the change log. Also stated is that is being addressed. But again, my best advice that I can conjure up for you at this time is to see if something is hogging up your CPU power. I had an issue with that when I had rainmeter (desktop widgets to monitor performance) installed. They for some odd reason took way more power to run than they should have.
  9. Once my laptop is fixed. I'll apply for a pilot position. I only ask for medical coverage, and a retirement fund.
  10. Of course Gloria is. A little on the hairy side and the voice could drop a couple dozen octaves. But Gloria is a chick in his own right ;-)
  11. Apples and peaches pay top dollar
  12. Its a common bug on this patch, as far as Ive read. Its common across a majority of the stores. I'm sure there will be q patch following shortly to address those issues.
  13. I wish I had heard of that alternative before. I am out of a computer temporarily, the mighty $4k laptop has become I'll and has to go to the MSI doctors. Once I get it back I'm gonna have to give that a shot though. Also if possible there was one odd thing I was wondering if y'all could look at on the plane side. When testing the fantasy air allegro in 3D editor. It would land flawlessly, but when trying to land on the server it always wanted to bounce back into the air 20'. Was that something y'all coded in as a balance?
  14. Well, I'll give him one thing. At least he took the pic while in athira instead of being in kavala like everyone else.
  15. Its the map... Ive tested it in the editor close to 20 different times. Ive tried it with other mods load, other unloaded, a variable of certain ones loaded and others not. I've even tested it to see if it was related to certain weapons or vehicles that were relatively common. But on no less than 5 times Ive tested just the map itself with no other mods loaded. I still got that blasted memory leak with only having the map loaded. Now, the fun truly begins as paratus and the map creator try to figure out what exactly happened with that. Hopefully it'll be fixed by the time I get my computer back from MSI.
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