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  1. Come on be real here. Once a bounty is over 100k, the police or a bounty hunter will get them. It's inevitable. Other than a governor pardon, you can't get rid of those bounties. You don't need blindfolds and more places to send people to prison at.
  2. Could tie in with this somehow. Or at least, this event could help fight the governor's tax
  3. Why aren't we allowed to have a chance to save our friends from the swarming APD? A suicide vest is like 200k btw, since I know career cops don't know these things. Maybe checkpoints need a rework but this all seems a bit ridiculous. Cadets should be easier to distinguish. Make them wear white.
  4. I'll save them the trouble. Never happening.
  5. I thought the capture point was going once the event is over anyway
  6. Westside and the Chinese have a lot in common. Both cap a lot of cartels at low pop, and both have like 12 people on at once
  7. Leaderboards for what?? Strife?
  8. Got an update on Westside's higher ups. @talke
  9. It honestly wouldn't even matter that much if he didn't talk so much shit about being gods gift to this game
  10. That's 0.7 kd talk right there
  11. At least some of the older Stormtrooper gangs would sometimes accept wars 😔
  12. All I'm saying is it's a mission trying to find anyone in that gang with positive kd's. For how much shit they talk in side about how they run the server and always own every cartel and win every fight, they sure don't have the stats to back that claim up. Literally just another version of that gang Ruckus from a couple years ago. They are on the server purely as npc's for people to rob and kill.
  13. Ready to be remembered as one of the worst gangs to ever grace Asylum? 😉 @OB1 The two of us did pretty well against 9 of you for a dead gang. Still too scared to war us though... yikes.
  14. Well if it's so bad I guess you don't need it added!
  15. Defragments

    DH down bad

    Leroy slacking
  16. When do we say enough is enough? When the entire arma 3 arsenal has been added to the LIFE server??
  17. Defragments


    Remove name tags 🙃 Full immersion experience. Also first person only
  18. I suppose just lethal would keep it simple. Unless it is based on something like what mag the person you execute has
  19. An Infamy perk, or it can be added some other way. When you execute someone, you have a chance to get a magazine for your weapon added to your inventory. LMG's and Explosives excluded. Either it can be based on the weapon you have, or based on the weapon of whoever you execute. Open to any further suggestions or variations on "scavenging" or whatever, if anyone can improve upon it.
  20. Without ammo you mean?
  21. I don't think it's that insane. Will help though
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