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  1. I just don't think it should be possible to restrict it for a restart no matter what they do with it. Just my opinion on it. I don't even bounty hunt at the moment and haven't in a long time. What does the price have to do with what I said? I don't care how much it costs to rebuy it.
  2. Kind of harshly enforces people to be "good" when playing bounty hunter now though. Getting caught for whatever reason and losing your license for the rest of the session is just stupid. Shouldn't restrict part of the game because the police catch you. Just allow us to buy it again full price as soon as we want to. Bounty hunters are turning into a police faction without a guidebook. Oh but their primary weapon is still illegal right?
  3. It has been red for years now. And yes, I did miss the patch notes. And the skiptracer being red isn't going to stop someone if they want to camp it.
  4. I don't know when this atrocity happened and I can't find it in the patch notes, but I think either this needs to be a red zone again, or the MX needs to be legal again. I personally think the area should be red again. @Jesse
  5. We aren't recruiting at the moment, sorry. Good luck if you apply to another gang
  6. Ooooh nice. It's been like 4 years!
  7. Because it was funny. Why would I care about someone killing me in a game full of people killing each other??
  8. We did a fed or two and I think a bank Had to find and gyazo my favourite emoji for this response
  9. Yeaaah I got no idea who is bidding on what right now
  10. I don't believe I claimed to be an officer of the law
  11. The year is 2020. Where's Tanoa at?
  12. I know right! That rock should not have killed me, let alone blow my car up and launch it!
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