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  1. This isn't even a suggestion. It's just a complaint.
  2. If you don't snitch on our speed hackers, we promise you can run LSD way cheaper than everybody else! @Leroy Jenkins, you gotta do something about this. They can't be revealing our scripters like this. It's how we keep LSD locked down so easily!
  3. Looks like you don't care about those cease and desist letters anymore. @Leroy Jenkins
  4. Honestly, I'd quit. I have a lot of time invested into the server, and I wouldn't be willing to start over.
  5. I'm happy as long as there are armoured vehicles and armed air vehicles to use. Not interested in another boring infantry only server.
  6. He seems annoying enough. Just do it
  7. What's so special about the 4th of July? That's just another plain, regular day
  8. I hope so too. That honestly is one of my lifelong dreams. I want the bullet to hit his toe, too.
  9. You remember where you live... right?
  10. Could you elaborate for me please? I don't really understand what that means
  11. I figured out you were in Black Cat USA. @JinThat gang saved me from a robbery at Kavala mineral processor when I was new. Just started using a HEMTT Box to run diamonds and then someone restrained me and that gang came in and saved my zubr wielding pleb ass.
  12. Medical airdrops are gone right? Also plane crash event isn't there. A lot of the crafting page is outdated too. http://gaming-asylumwiki.com/wiki/Crafting_Guide
  13. If someone wants to sell their house, they normally tell people about it, make a post, put it up for sale. That kind of thing. Don't know if adding a harassing "sell me this house" button is necessary. I'd rather not get a message from anyone about any of my houses. I'll sell them if I want to. No message is going to make me want to sell suddenly.
  14. The APD is incredibly soft these days. Gotta compensate for how stupid so many of them are I guess. I miss like 2014-16 era APD
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