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  1. Ooooh nice. It's been like 4 years!
  2. Because it was funny. Why would I care about someone killing me in a game full of people killing each other??
  3. We did a fed or two and I think a bank Had to find and gyazo my favourite emoji for this response
  4. Yeaaah I got no idea who is bidding on what right now
  5. I don't believe I claimed to be an officer of the law
  6. The year is 2020. Where's Tanoa at?
  7. I know right! That rock should not have killed me, let alone blow my car up and launch it!
  8. Has happened a few times over the last few days, and a few minutes after it goes red
  9. Seems like a step in the right direction. Plus turfs are usually fought by smaller gangs anyway. We don't mass recruit in our gang, and we aren't super selective about who we let into our gang. We're not elitist esports cartel players. The police either need to be unable to come when it is red, or be limited to make it a little more fair. And no, you can't compare a turf fight to a federal event. Federal events are designed to be cop vs rebel. Turfs are designed for rebel vs rebel. It's not exactly outrageous to have this happen once for 15 minutes per restart Ahahahahahaha. It lets me ignore toxic retards!!
  10. Fill in the blanks please. This is the current application format. I do remember your name, but that is all I remember right now. Accepted. Discord PM'd.
  11. Can't wait to see the judgement on "attempted vdm"
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