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  1. 1. Id rather not, im not the biggest fan of a country who's government policy is to genocide people based off religion or violates countless basic human rights of its own people https://www.cfr.org/backgrounder/china-xinjiang-uyghurs-muslims-repression-genocide-human-rights 2. I would rather go deep sea diving in the titan submarine with only Rosie O Donnels queef as an air supply than go to your country. 3. Im proud of them. You got banned for cheating Also you eat dogs so 1-0 to me.
  2. Yes, all of those retired DS LT's Two.
  3. There is a glaring issue here. I go join a gang i dont like and start hacking once im there randomly to get them fucked. Whats the fuckin failsafe here? What if a lad whos been playing with your gang for years rages and decides to hack one day when we all trust him and have no idea he turned into a penisless scallywag who clearly gets zero maidens? Yall need to specify this shit at least between you all or you're gonna get targeted attacks.
  4. s the counter to this would be that the house cap switches to 4 but anyone with 5 currently keeps their houses until they sell one
  5. can you tell me the devs thoughts on reducing houses from 5 to 4 but increasaing house capacity by 1k? As i say it directly benefits people who use the houses for money making and directly nerfs the lads who are house hoarding
  6. I like the tax idea to make owning houses cost a bit more but i really dont think it is going to solve the issue of people house hording/buying houses just to list them for 5 million. All it takes is for them to horde the houses and sell one a year at 5 million to clear the taxes on 5 houses they're hording. A couple things i was brainstorming that might alleviate the problem. Reduce the house slots to 4 from 5. Allow houses an extra 1000 Y inventory space. - 1c becomes 2c, 2c becomes 3c, 3c becomes 4c. - This change does the following when it comes to account wide Y inventory space. Presuming you have all maximum space houses, Currently it is 5 houses x 3000 inv space = 15000 Presuming you have all maximum space houses, Suggested it would be 4 houses x 4000 inv space = 16000. - This change would directly benefit people who own houses and actively use them and limit the people who horde houses for resale to 4 instead of 5. This one feel free to put your two cents on cause im sure there is a better way to do it. Along with this change, make it so if you buy a house off the market, you cannot list it for resale to other players for 30 days. You can sell it back to the bank instantly if desired. This stops people from grabbing a muchly wanted house just to hold it hostage instantly for however millions tehy want for it, also stops the usual, buy random house in pyrgos for 150k, instantly put it back up for 5 million and forget about it. Could we get a log for gang houses of who put what in and who took it out? -this would also be good for people who have shared keys with people and have stuff go missing.
  7. hopefully we dont try experement with unbanning all the cheaters again, its gone horribly wrong Special shoutout to gravity for the threepeat of hacking bans.
  8. appreciate the concern, i had a shoulder surgery last year on the left side, same injury, was on the same meds, oxycodone for 2 weeks then hydrocodone for 2 weeks. lots of people warned me about the addictiveness but never had an issue stopping. i still had about 10 oxys left over from last time. Hate taking meds. Boxing tears up your shoulders kids.
  9. you're still projecting your health issues on others hoodlum. let me know when you want to take your health seriously and i can help you lose the weight. free personal training and nutritionist advice whenever you want it xx
  10. lmfao fuck off queerbait. so, context, i had a shoulder surgery friday, very painful, oxycodone pain meds every 4 hours. playing one armed in bed on lappy cause sling. using the double tap fuckin thing to talk to peeps alot more cause cancer to move from mouse to keyboard to talk annnnd ive been falling asleep randomly alot cause those pain meds are no fucking joke.
  11. wait you said i was 60 3 years ago how have i gone backwards? also, rent free still, hate to see it.
  12. The prize money wasnt tempting enough for the majority of people to be assed about spending a week to deal with the cancer. Up the prize money considerably and see what happens.
  13. 2c Shop house, gonna auction it off, i reserve the right to pull the auction at any time if a buyout offer is accepted. Minimum Bid Increments 250k Auction ends Sunday 10pm EST, if no buyout offers have been accepted. Will accept house trades. throw me what you have. The 1 crater stone house is also for sale here
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