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  1. gotchya. good work. one line of code for 4 years of crashes.
  2. Are you fucking shitting me @azeh 4? years and thats what it fucking was? @gnashes you fat fucking turd. "its bohemia not us, every server has this problem, complain to them" Useless fucking sausaged fingered fuck. Couple questions i have though, 1. As far as im aware, the old progressively worse lag till everyone gets a yellowchain came back the day of the last patch that gave us bounty hunter.. was the coding re entered there? 2. I thought all the coding was rewritten for V2? wouldn't this have been solved? i know shit all about coding, genuine curiosity. Gnashes i hope you get diabetes. Good work, long pointless chapter closed, to the future
  3. DS_Billy

    Farewell All

    Translated: Im banned but look im a nice guy, plz reconsider.
  4. DS_Billy

    Farewell All

    Appreciate all the effort you put into asylum Jesse. Thankyou and goodluck in the future.
  5. Removed RPG launcher and ammo from Rebel Outposts (Restricted to Airdrops and Evidence Lockup).
  6. this is a necropost? it was like, 4 down from the top
  7. So, First point, "community is too toxic, someone gets their first truck gets it fucked" etc etc. Disagree. This is the point people make or join gangs and rivalry's are born, gangs make the game go round, if you are going to quit that early because of something like that then the community wasn't going to keep you in the first place. Secondly. "APD officers" have been doing the same thing for 5 years now. Its not been an issue before and it still isnt. I was made to be aware recently that we now have a cap of 7 cops online at once up to 50 players, that is retarded if it is still implemented, career officers logging on to be told "no cop for you" is a demotivator. Thirdly, Classic wow tho.
  8. I am so happy the browns are playing dogshit How long before Odrama beckham starts getting shitty
  10. Dont cut yourself on that edge
  11. No i dont wanna see the people you dropped, nobody cares. Dont panic when you see a shotgun you fucking pussy. Dont matter how many they had. Drunk Squad is recruiting.
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