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  1. Happy treason day you fat diabetes ridden fucking simps. Make sure you lick each others foreheads in between bites of your hot-dogs to make extra sure you spread covid ya fucking retards.
  2. It is encouraging to see you listened to the community Jesse. Great change.
  3. But replying here to a change log informing you of the bug that i had expected to be fixed is not an ok means to report it? is it just an issue with being told publicly about theese issues? i got you two seconds. Sorted
  4. I apologize if taking criticism for changes that make little sense to the community offends you and you take it as a personal attack, you should probably lock these threads if you dont want negative feedback. Also if you talked to a bunch of admins, CM's presumably higher up cops, and none of them knows that we have a huge area of effect problem for radiation, that makes me incredibly worried about how little contact our admin team have with the server and understand how it works.
  5. Why gatekeep for 3 hours? how does that benefit? If you felt like bounty hunters needed to be punished why not make bounty hunter license cost more??? im presuming rebels getting caught dont have their rebel license revoked until next server restart if they are caught?? see how dumb that sounds?
  6. Absolutely but who agrees that radiation from people running uranium should reach people running guns?
  7. How many man hours went into removing bounty hunter from city's and making it so people who enjoy playing the server for the bounty hunter aspect are fucked for up to 3 hours if they get caught doing something bad with a bounty hunter weapon? How many hours went into discussing removing a shotgun from gun stores? How many of those man hours could have gone into fixing stuff thats actually broken? Like the evidence locker, like the fact that the radiation from the nuclear power plant reaches black market? That's the problem.
  8. then do it? its been like that for too long already. But instead. Shotguns are illegal, good work.
  9. The fact that you made all theese changes and did nothing for the way evidence locker is robbed is a testament to how out of touch you all are with the server. It is the only federal event on the server where the rebels can close the power down, drive away from it for x amount of time until its disabled then all push in ifrits. You should have to stay and defend the power box just like the bank, just like the fed, just like the prison. Imagine going to the bank, starting the drill, flying away for 9 mins and comming back. Imagine starting the prison and driving away until the prisoners are out of jail. It makes no sense and is being exploited. Changing shotguns to being illegal and only able to buy from rebel but not able to cap cartels?? how much thinking went into that? why? "Having your bounty hunter license revoked will keep you from getting a new license until the next server session." Why are you changing things that have worked for ages? Make bounty hunter licenses worth more money if you want to punish bounty hunters. Now if some new guy gets fucked over bounty hunting 20 mins into a server session, he cant play that if he was having fun with it for another 2 hours 40 mins? Bounty hunters have it rough enough going after rebels with the same gear as police officers just without the whole police force behind them. What the hell is the thinking behind this? Moving the bounty hunter stations outside of citys is just as dumb, you are gatekeeping newer players and pushing stuff further away from the citys where alot of fun interaction happens. Whoever is pulling the strings at the top right now, presumably you henry needs to get pulled out of here before you fuck up more shit. The Gatekeeping on the federal events is a dumb, We have to wait at the fed until 8 minutes after the prison gets done... only to start hacking the fed doors and a bank to go off locking us out of it again until that is done +8 mins. we went 6/7?? years without there being an issue with that. Not needed addition to the server also. Stupid stuff, we are going backwards.
  10. Increased Federal Reserve elevated security to 1 hour. Added an 8 minute intermission time between federal events. Whoever is calling the shots on the federal event changes is a fucking dribbler. Keep leaking more and more peeps.
  11. God damn man. Its always the loud mouthed salty fucks. Drunk Squad will be at gang wars 8 to defend its crown from gang wars 7
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