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  1. According to stretch, 5 mins later the messages will resend for some reason so double the lag.
  2. Good to see, looking forward to seeing the revised system
  3. Ratislav wins the auction i am currently about to sleep @ratislav ill get online tomorrow to sort the house out.
  4. this is how it is already correct? Dont play and lose your houses after a certain amount of inactivity? Does not paying your house electric bill cause you to lose your house? If not i fail to see how this is relevant?
  5. So every 7 days. 45k for a 40k house 45k x 3 for 150k houses 45k gang house. 225k every 7 days. How does the system make sense? a house that can hold 1000 inventory has the same electrical bill as a house with 3000 inventory? Seems like a lazy uninformed implementation without any regard for balance and adressing the problem of house hoarding and more concern on a money sink. Ive heard if you upgrade it with crypto you have to pay 200k+ per house upgraded? Can anyone shed light on it? Seems a bit extreme for me, i understand the need to free up some houses and stop people hoarding, surely a progressive per house would make more sense than a flat rate? what's your thoughts on this? Im
  6. Picture of the house MA Map: Auction Ends Tomorrow 9/12/21 at 23:00 Eastern US time Starting bid at 2 mil Minimum bid increments 100k Snipe protection 5 mins (if someone bids at 22:59, auction will be extended 5 mins, and every subsequent bid after that will reset the 5 mins. Buyout: 8 million. Feel free to message me for any details. Goodluck
  7. i've only been back on a day
  8. From Tonight. The community is still running strong as ever yes We play multiple games as a community, sometimes that isn't always asylum but we always have a presence here, and we are heating back up on Asylum. | DS still on top.
  9. Im not really one to brag but.... Speaks for itself. When do i start?
  10. 0:13 Dankbud: "id say get wize he can actually kill people" 0:22 4 kills cunt. Good vid brother.
  11. Time to add more fuel to the fire
  12. Jarvo this is starting to look like projection.
  13. We are appreciative of all of our fans. If you would like to join the Drunk Squad Gaming Community, please feel free to drop an app in the gang recruitment section of the forums. for any questions about DS please message @DankBud he will be more than happy to reply to as many questions as you wish to send him.
  14. Ty for the hard work with the community Mason. Couple good potential replacements.
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