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  1. So the wipe has breathed some new life into the sserver and it has been amazing, it feels like old asylum where the world is vibrant again and the economy isnt ruined and interaction between players gets driven. However. It isnt going to take long for the economy to get ruined when the same things that people abused before are in the game. Weed was removed from houses, that is a good start. that will ensure more houses aer availible to people around the map, but scotch is still a big issue, it was an issue before weed seeds and will be again. Get rid of it before it before the passive money making starts to ramp stuff up again. This weekend has shown asylums player base is hungry for the wipe you have given us, keep it this way.
  2. imagine being a @Tusken Raiderx.x I hope your grandmother slips in the shower you fucking melt. Im rdming you until i get a 7 day in solidarity with @Liberal Tears
  3. Aleec that is fucking amazing, you are a fucking hero of the people. Incredible video. so does sidewinder
  4. you dont have to ragetype all theese words, just tell me to fuck off or something. Mans gonna have a heart attack. Also, your head is smaller than your neck.
  5. @bbgregg Being given the privilege, and to be trusted with being one of the main people running this side of asylum gives you the right to enforce the rules, but not shout and berate members of our community. You are a volunteer here, like the rest of the APD. I should hope that the people put in these spots and given the power should be level headed enough to conduct themselves like adults, not screaming children. Hopefully the senior admins and mitch sees this and realizes some changes need to be made. This shit trickles down, always has, and this outburst from gregg is not a single occurrence, he has always been like this but just got worse the more privileges he was given. LITERALLY couldn't have put it better myself. 100% this. I mean shit even @Patatowas saluting half drunk, and if you cant take a joke when patato of all people can take it you're in trouble. Imagine new people joining the apd and witnessing one of the people running the show raging so hard he has to take a fucking breath between each word. You're my hero @halfdrunkhero
  6. The video evidence we gave to the admins. Ya fool. Action Taken.
  7. Remember when you got caught this week, driving a naked alt to yourself in domination to farm KDA and blood money? You were 60 - 5 killing the same guy 59 times And you think the admins wasn't gonna see that. Also, your head is smaller than your neck.
  8. Breh that breathing dont sound healthy. If you need help with exercising and diet let me know, im certified via ISSA in personal training and nutrition. Not joking.
  9. imagine being this angry, just in general in life. Its not just this thread he lost his mind in, anytime i see him speak its just pure toxicity and hate. Hoodlum honestly fella you never used to be this upset at everything i hope whatever is going on in your life that has pushed you towards this level of toxicity towards a 9 year old arma life server as a 50 year old man gets better, truly i do.
  10. Holy shit ive never seen a raging retard reverse that quick before. That's fucking impressive.
  11. HELL of a shot. @Pladimir Vutin good shit sir, Mashallah brother. Hoodlum in the words of lukus swaggius maximus. "you're saltier than vladamir putin in the ocean holding two salt shakers with the caps off" DH absolute clowns, no wonder you guys dont push cartels, youd think everyone on the server was a cheater.
  12. I have no houses in athira. Top tier admin work as usual.
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