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  1. i agree on the Blackfish and Xian those things are hard to shoot down and people can just use them to suicide bomb into buildings or players even if they are very expensive to buy Huron would be nice on civ to its not that hard to shoot down or disable it with 7.62 as for the HEMMT & Tempest ammo that is a big no cause people can just pull em out next to a 50 cal or qilin minigun and just have infinate ammo by just rearming on them so that's a big no Tempest Fuel & Transport is already been used by medics i wont mind the transport for civs but both the HEMMT & Tempest fuel and repair can become to OP in armored vehicles battles cause you can just set them up somewhere and keep repairing them in just a second and go back in the fighte but as for the just normal transport and trasport covered i wont see any problems adding them the only problems they can cause is to be used as road blocks or to block building entrances i seen it happen in the past
  2. Hello i am looking to sell my 3 houses and my garage 2 of the houses are in Pyrgos 1 near the boat shop and 1 near the Gov. Office the garage is near the Pyrgos Drug Dealer and my last house is in Charkia all are filled with some good gear and weapons if anyone is interested please DM me for prices and we can come to a deal any troll prices or any item trade prices will be ignored (guns coke diamonds ect ect) 3 Crate next to boat shop (Sold) https://imgur.com/a/7793VNJ 3 Crate next to Gov. Office (on the market for 3.5 mil) https://imgur.com/a/wd4Hr0c 3 Crate in Charkia right next to DP 19 (on the market for 2.5 mil) https://imgur.com/a/NKhIFv2 Pyrgos Garage right next to Drug Dealer (on the market for 1 mil) https://imgur.com/a/LtAFMhj
  3. are you still selling that shed?
  4. a very nice new update and i also like the new AFD group system sounds really intresting but what about the boats that supposed to be available on the A EMT rank we have been waiting on those for a while
  5. In Game Name: Anthony Angel Hours on Arma (please provide screenshot): https://imgur.com/cBvrcBG Previous gangs: Spartans.Mayhem. Previous bans, be specific: None only accident bans from admins that didn't know who the hackers where on the server Why do you want to be on BLS?: cause i have a few friends that told me that this gang is really fun to roll with and i want to meet new friends and make good memories
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