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  1. I'll make ya a deal. If you get rid of hypersomnia count me in. Here is the information you need. In-game name -SS | Squanchy Age -16 Timezone - I can be whatever timezone you need me to be Screenshot of Arma 3 hours -i have legit no idea how to send a screen shot but I have 500 hours on arma 3 Bank Balance -8k (I'm banned and just bought houses so i cant make mi mucho back Previous Gangs (if any) -Gestapo (the best) Dynasty,Evil Gs Discord -Squanchy#2045
  2. Idk if you were tryna be rude or whatnot but this was hilarious
  3. Dear iKonds. I see what you mean about my writing and tbh I really dont care. But plz know that although I only have 11 hours it's still enough to know that me and 1 other officer of the Altis Police Department were the only ones who role played. I see what you mean about my lack of knowledge of the APD which is true but the little knowledge I have is enough
  4. DENIED thank you for your interest in joining Dynasty
  5. if interested?????!!!!!! im ur leader bruh why would i have to buy it
  6. Why are so many people commenting on this thread that I made
  7. Dont sell this house dimwatt we need this for the gang
  8. Is it the same amount of items In both houses? And if not i would like one without anything inside of it to reduce price. Now are they upgraded? If not i should recieve a discount for that aswell. But this is a great house and I'd be looking to buy 1 of them without anything inside of it for 450k Now the reason I ask for it to have nothing in it is because I'm really struggling amd I've tried so hard to make money but cant so I just need a weed pro house and I dont want to pay too much for it
  9. WAIT WHAT!!!! accepted for interview never was mad lol but the fact that your still bragging about killing 5 unarmed guys from a tower at rebel is amusing to me
  10. DENIED Plz seek medical help I'm concerned
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