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  1. no one under the rank of a sergeant should be allowed to drive ifrits
  2. I think if anyone believes it's a good idea to sit up there, they deserve to lose the event. It's more useless than the roof of Jewelry. Mental was last changed 5 months ago, which was the first time it was changed, but I do see your point.
  3. Same amount of entrances as the old one everyone liked the mental when it was first suggested ??
  4. that clip is not tho, I wouldn't lie about that lmao
  5. The fact you’re even able to kill them even with how dogshit you are by itself proves they are legit players.
  6. none of the people killed in the vid are cheating btw, also clipping single kills just because its lawless is just sad, fanboy activities tbh
  7. In-Game Name: Location: Age: Previous Gangs: Arma 3 Hours (Screenshots): How much money do you have? Do you know anyone in the gang who will vouch for you? (Names) Is there anything beneficial you can bring to us other than shooting, flying, or roleplaying skills? (Elaborate)
  8. oldluke

    APB Evasion

    I don’t know what this means but I voted yes
  9. oldluke

    ugly sign

    stop crying because u got distracted by the beautiful christmas spirit of a billboard and crashed
  10. Fr medic shouldn’t be whitelisted
  11. never knew that cause when was the last time apd did a checkpoint haha
  12. I would assume the bank would have it disabled but yes that sounds great
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