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  1. Lmao that’s worth like maybe 3mil at most
  2. Idk if bounty hunters are able to use the weapon too that dosent really matter it’s more about the police to me at least Ak is shit at range and the rpk and zafir isn’t a buyable weapon. The lim and mk200 are super expensive I think this would be a good compromise between all of them. If the mx sw was added it would also be available as a downing gun said above.
  3. Recently their has been a insane increase in the amount of bounty hunters and cops joining the server. With that increase their have been a lot of rebels that switched to bounty hunting. With the rebel population smaller now and the increase in police it’s about time that the rebels got a buff, not anything crazy of course but something to entice people to play rebel, I suggest the addition of the mx sw. A light weight 6.5mm machine that would be purchasable at rebel outpost. This gun would give both the perfect worlds of the mk1 and mk200 while not breaking the bank for people who are new to being a rebel. This gun allows for 30 round mags and a 100 round drug mag option. I believe this would even out the playing field with rebels vs cops.
  4. No sorry at this time I am currently no longer interested in selling my weed 3cs and I am going to wait till the market goes back up thank you everyone for the interest in this post.
  5. Selling 3c 30m from drug and around 70 from flag is the closest 3c to drug https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2626968419 Has greenhouse upgrade and maxed virtual taking offers
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