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  1. Industrial Shed for Sale. West of Athira. Looking to start off at 5 million, please either list an offer below or pm me! Thanks.
  2. Location: Gravia 3 Crater, Pm offers or post into forum, thanks.
  3. Ik. I use to play like house roulette and make hella bank
  4. Exactly! It made sense, and also it was worth buying a random house.
  5. After constantly changing my mind on houses I buy and such, I've noticed one background cost that I never really think about when buying and moving my homes. Crates! Crates are something we physically place, and since they just get destroyed for no reason, and don't even transfer over to the new buyer of the house. I feel we should be able to pick up crates using scroll, rather than only having the option to remove them. It only makes sense? Why would i leave something so valuable in a house to let it get destroyed? Although to pick up the crate I feel it has to be completely empty of all items etc. Not sure if this is a good idea, I know it annoys me, let me hear what you think
  6. we better watch our backs boys
  7. But when will they be here
  8. i dont like taxes im from America. So they gonna be zero
  9. Vote Mr. Hankey Server 3 for Gov.
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