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  1. no one under the rank of a sergeant should be allowed to drive ifrits
  2. I think if anyone believes it's a good idea to sit up there, they deserve to lose the event. It's more useless than the roof of Jewelry. Mental was last changed 5 months ago, which was the first time it was changed, but I do see your point.
  3. Same amount of entrances as the old one everyone liked the mental when it was first suggested ??
  4. that clip is not tho, I wouldn't lie about that lmao
  5. The fact you’re even able to kill them even with how dogshit you are by itself proves they are legit players.
  6. none of the people killed in the vid are cheating btw, also clipping single kills just because its lawless is just sad, fanboy activities tbh
  7. In-Game Name: Location: Age: Previous Gangs: Arma 3 Hours (Screenshots): How much money do you have? Do you know anyone in the gang who will vouch for you? (Names) Is there anything beneficial you can bring to us other than shooting, flying, or roleplaying skills? (Elaborate)
  8. lukee

    APB Evasion

    I don’t know what this means but I voted yes
  9. lukee

    ugly sign

    stop crying because u got distracted by the beautiful christmas spirit of a billboard and crashed
  10. Fr medic shouldn’t be whitelisted
  11. never knew that cause when was the last time apd did a checkpoint haha
  12. I would assume the bank would have it disabled but yes that sounds great
  13. Forest / Brush Fires These fires start at least once every 2 restarts randomly in different locations, the longer the fire goes on for the worse the surrounding air quality becomes, resulting in a decrease in stamina, or to the point where you might even start taking damage from smoke filled lungs. This gives medics/fire an actual reason to go put out the fire. This also brings along aerial firefighting. During a large forest / brush fire, medics can pull these vehicles: Fire Huron Fire Blackfish Fire Taru All three of these vehicles will be able to pick up water by going less than 30 km/h within 15 meters above any water source, they can then fly over the fire and drop water to help put it out. (Using same code as existing fire hose) Placing Cones Same code as placing sandbags but able to place on roads and in towns, obviously policies should be updated so cones aren't left in the middle of roads resultings in medics having to pick up after themselves. There is no advantage to placing these cones and is fully used for ruining people's experiences when driving down the road. Or so a medic doesen't get ran over when reviving someone on a road idk Larger Building Fires Buildings such as Barracks, and ATM Buildings should also be able to be set on fire manually, or are included in random fires, needing more time or people to put out, with higher reward.
  14. lukee

    :) Hello

    @Mitch (IFRIT)free this man
  15. No it’s not, the only past design I’ve made where people “fell through the ground” was the shitty oil rig… not anything else so saying “past suggestions” which refers to multiple cases where that’s happened is just retarded, and your fps will only drop if ur pc is fucking shit so unless ur pc is shit don’t worry about it
  16. the fact u like it brings me to believe it is too cop sided
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